Six Undeniable Pros of Moving an Enterprise to Coworking

Why CEOs are finding coworking spaces invaluable.

Written by Ian R.

2 years ago

The coworking space has advanced far beyond the image of a “cool” hangout spot for freelancers and startups. An increasing number of enterprises, including larger multinational companies, have already opted for the move to coworking. Established companies can no longer afford to remain closed to the outside world and have found huge benefits in the inspirational, dynamic and engaging atmosphere that only a coworking environment can provide.

Having a chat next to the company’s vending machine or taking a cigarette break on the stairs outside used to be considered the height of the office lifestyle. Today, these rituals seem like ancient history, especially in light of the coworking revolution that’s taking place all over the world.

Coworking spaces have not only made office life much more enriching, but it’s also become common knowledge that a positive and inspiring work environment is crucial for a business to succeed.

Here are some of the leading reasons why enterprises of all sizes are finding the coworking option the best solution for their operations…

1. Cutting Costs and Headaches

A recent report published by Colliers International noted that the average savings earned by companies that moved to coworking spaces was 25%. While that figure alone is significant, the value of this cut in costs goes way beyond the monetary savings.

Anyone in a managerial position knows how important time is. For corporate leaders, removing the hassle of maintaining an office opens up so much more time; time that can be utilized for far more crucial things such as forming new partnerships, developing the brand, managing personnel, and creating new revenue channels.

Coworking spaces offer enterprises the ability to bundle up all the office necessities from furniture and equipment, to utilities and internet connectivity, and to end up with a single bill.

Catering to the needs of today’s technological workplace. A meeting room at Mindspace, Tel Aviv.

2. Recruiting and Keeping Talent

While leading enterprises aren’t short of applicants, finding top-level talent isn’t always easy, and keeping those valuable employees in the company can be a real challenge. Millennials aren’t satisfied with just a decent salary package. They realise that when the bulk of the day is spent at work, it should be spent well.

Coworking spaces are generally far better thought-out and designed to match the needs of today’s younger minds. They offer an environment that is naturally attractive with a friendly yet professional atmosphere that can be enjoyable as well as conducive to productivity. Potential employees, or any visitor to the space, will immediately notice the attention to detail that’s been put into everything from the lighting and furniture to the types of coffee offered and the art on the walls.

Coworking offices and meeting rooms are highly functional, catering to the needs of today’s technological workplace. No more fiddling around with the projector or trying to fix the paper jam in the photocopier. International meetings via Skype, presentations, and brainstorming sessions are all smooth sailing. What really stands out though, is the thought put into the shared spaces. Recreational and informal discussion areas are very welcoming and comfortable, giving a piece of mind that allows for creative thinking and clear dialogue.

Mindspace Krausemstraße. When the bulk of the day is spent at work, it should be spent well

3. Finding Clients and Forming Partnerships

At the heart of the coworking approach is the informal interaction that develops naturally between companies and the professionals they employ. This can be a huge benefit as it can lead to new partnerships and collaborations that just wouldn’t have come about otherwise.

The coworking space is quite unique in this respect as it seems to create an atmosphere of creativity and passion that rubs off on anyone exposed to it. It’s become commonplace for companies to find unexpected partners who just happened to be at the same coworking location. This isn’t really surprising, however, since at the end of the day we’re human beings and meeting someone in person, or seeing how a team works together, is far more powerful than checking a company page on LinkedIn.

4. Increasing Innovation and Productivity

In today’s rapidly-evolving market, no enterprise can afford to “stick to what works”. Enterprises need an environment that promotes efficiency, as well as creative thought. Coworking spaces have become known for being able to supply this exact type of environment so that employees can focus on getting things done, and still have the headroom to think creatively and come up with new ideas that will take the company forward.


An event at Mindspace, Tel Aviv. Events are a major part of what coworking spaces have to offer clients.

5. Company Events that People Actually Want to Attend

Holding events is something that all large companies do, yet few do it well, and those that do often spend a lot of money on outsourcing production agencies. Not all coworking companies are created equally with regards to events, but leading spaces consider events as core to what they have to offer their clients.

Company events are great for team bonding and motivation and are crucial to the overall atmosphere of any business. Coworking spaces can take away the hassle of running regular events and because of their expertise, can put on events that are far superior to what most HR departments are capable of.


6. Being Part of a Community

Often overlooked, an active community, both online and off, is what separates leading coworking spaces from the pack. This sense of community has been shown to have very positive effects on its members. Coworking companies with locations in different parts of the world will commonly allow members to move freely between the locations. This further increases the chance for fruitful partnerships and brand exposure on a global scale.

It’s clear why more and more and more enterprises are opting for the move to a coworking operation. Some companies prefer to test the water by moving only a single department at first, but even this cautious step is becoming less needed as the evidence of the positive impact of coworking on businesses becomes better known.

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