#MemberSpotlight – The Story of Applied at Mindspace

Dana Ilovich

21 June, 2020

Applied, a global software company that provides unbiased recruitment tools that help businesses implement a fair and inclusive hiring process, was starting to grow and like many startups that are scaling, needed a bigger and better office accommodations.

For that, they began to research their options and decided to go with a coworking solution, since it provided them with the best option to grow at ease and with better efficiency, and most importantly — provide their people with a collaborative dynamic working environment that will boost productivity and keep them happy. We spoke with Kate Glazebrrok, CEO and co-founder at Applied, who was heading this office search to learn more about their story and challenges.

What were some of the challenges that led you to start looking for a new office?

We were always in coworking, but we started in much simpler and cheaper places- there were no meeting rooms, and it was not really suited to bring clients or candidates. We were there for one year and then decided it was time to move into a more upgraded office setting and started doing our initial research. At that point, we were investigating both options- our own office space and coworking as well.

And eventually, chose coworking over a regular office- why?

At that point, we were not at scale to take on that liability. It meant 2 years business lease, which for a startup like ours is a risk. It was important for us at that point to minimize complexity. With coworking, we had all the overhead included and taken care of- collecting mail, IT, amenities — we could start working from day one without the hassle.

What were your criteria for choosing an office space?

When we started our research process we had 18 different options that we narrowed it down to, and actually visited 12 sites. Most of the options on the list were from an initial internet research.

Our main criteria were:

  • Location — we wanted it to be a central location and easily accessible by public transport
  • Price — as always, this was a factor, we had a budget in mind and we wanted the highest value for money.
  • Light & space — natural light was mandatory, we didn’t want an underground office or anything like that. It was important that the space felt comfortable and not too hectic and crowded.
  • Animal friendly

Why did you choose Mindspace?

We were reviewing several options and when our team came here they got excited about the office- they loved it. It was colorful, comfortable and had a good vibe. The community manager was easy going and the overall first impression was highly positive.

The thing we appreciate most is that you don’t “pay to breath” — at other coworking offices, everything you need -you need to pay extra for. At Mindspace, it felt like they were actually looking to help us and with no cost- just the feeling that you can ask a question and won’t be charged for it.

As for the vibe- Mindspace felt quirky and fun, less stiff and very comfortable. The space is varied, you can sit on the sofa, in communal areas and move around the space without feeling crowded.

What’s the biggest benefit you gained from working at Mindspace?

We feel sitting at Mindspace is a good value for money. We are able to drive much more efficiency. We joined Mindspace a year and 4 months ago, and in that time grew from 6 people to 25 people. Mindspace enabled us to grow at ease, taking on more office space as needed and helping us accommodate our needs. That’s why, given the possibility, we will be happy to continue and grow at Mindspace Aldgate.

About applied

Applied is a recruitment platform that uses world-leading behavioral science to remove bias and helps teams make better hiring decisions. It’s the first tech spin out of the UK’s Behavioural Insights Team and was developed in partnership with Harvard Professor Iris Bohnet. We’re working with companies around the world, from startups to governments to corporates. The platform makes hiring smart, fair, and easy, using research and analytics to ensure you hire the best person for the job, irrespective of their background. To see how we do this visit https://www.beapplied.com.

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Dana is Mindspace's Director of Marketing, and a seasoned Marketing executive, with over 14 years’ experience running integrated marketing programs that result in increased brand reach, engagement, and revenue.

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