Mindspace Impact

A manifesto for the future

Mindspace is committed to protecting the planet and reducing levels of waste and emissions. At the same time we are focused on making a positive impact in all our global offices and the local communities surrounding them. Mindspace Impact is our new manifesto consisting of seven environmental and social initiatives that outline our commitment to this plan.

Taking action for social and
 environmental change

The flex format: A model for sustainability

Flexible office spaces encapsulate the concept of a shared economy - leading to greater economies of scale and the environmental benefits from increased efficiency.

Mindspace is committed to offering its members the most effective, adaptable solutions for their business needs. This flexible approach avoids excess waste and overcapacity, and provides a low risk, low commitment opportunity for future growth.

The flex format: A model for sustainability

Empowering the hybrid model

Mindspace is also an expert at facilitating the hybrid work model for companies that want to streamline their operations. Work-from-home days are a benefit that employees value highly. When implemented effectively, hybrid work makes it possible to reduce the total environmental impact associated with office commuting by approximately 30%.

Our Mindspace community in action…

Netherlands Mindspace team is volunteering at Spin Playground in Amsterdam, 2022
Romania Mindspace team having a great time at the dog shelter RED PANDA, 2022
Israel Mindspace team renovating a shelter for young adults at risk, 2022

To learn more about our ongoing endeavors to positively impact both society and the environment, please download our 2023 Mindspace Impact Report

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