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Rothschild 45

You’ve reached the most beautiful, bustling boulevard of Tel Aviv - the cornerstone of the startup district, where everything is going on at all times. This is the heart of town; the place for closing big deals, meeting friends at a hip bar or a fine restaurant, visiting art galleries, and more. Select from a variety of private offices, meeting rooms, and an open space overlooking the boulevard, as well as enjoy the close proximity to the gym and event space at the adjacent Mindspace Ahad Ha’am.


Ahad Ha’am

Ahad Ha'am 54

Found amidst a strip of redeveloped Bauhaus buildings on one of the oldest streets in Tel Aviv, Mindspace goes to the beat of its own drum. Parallel to Rothschild Blvd., it’s in the heart of the city’s tech and innovation district, which also doubles as the center for food, art, and nightlife. Mindspace Ahad Ha’am sits in a stand-alone building (the old Stock Exchange) with a lovely rooftop, an event space, an auditorium, and a gym.


La Guardia

Ha Harash 20

Mindspace La Guardia is located on 20 Ha’Harash st., in one of the newest, most innovative buildings in south Tel Aviv: The Vitania building. This is a central area, easily accessible with a car (situated right on Ayalon Highway), via public transport, or by walking - 6 minutes’ walk from Ha'Hagana train station. Vitania is a "green building", adhering to the Israeli standards of green construction and sustainability, using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient. Mindspace La Guardia is designed to accommodate companies of all sizes in private offices and tailor-made large suites.

Coworking area and reception at Mindspace La Guardia in Tel Aviv
Phone booths for one-on-one business meetings at coworking space Mindspace La Guardia in Tel Aviv
Equipped meeting room at Mindspace flexible office La Guardia in Tel Aviv
Lounge and kitchen at flexible office space Mindspace La Guardia in Tel Aviv
Rent an office at Mindspace La Guardia in Tel Aviv

Coworking in Tel Aviv

A true ‘city that never stops,’ Tel Aviv is the cultural and economic center of Israel, and a breezy mix between a Mediterranean beach town and a bustling, urban hub of innovation. The young population and unique vibe makes this city a dynamic, diverse launching pad for entrepreneurship. Mindspace’s coworking locations are right in the middle of this creativity, located amidst the classic Bauhaus buildings that make it the White City.

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