how to overcome tiredness in the workplace

How to Beat the Mid-Work-Day Slump

Naama Adler

31 October, 2022

We’ve all been there: the clock hits 3:30 pm and so begins the long stretch to finish your workday while trying to maintain your productivity. Other than going for your third (or fourth) cup of coffee, here are five ways to boost your energy, refocus your mind, and end your workday on a high.

1. Go for a walk

According to one study, four experiments have shown that walking can increase creativity. Take your next afternoon meeting on the go or set aside 15 minutes to go for a short walk around the block to get your body moving and your creative juices flowing.


How to Beat the Mid-Work-Day Slump

2. Switch your environment

At Mindspace, our members have options beyond just their desks. Whether sitting on the rooftop in the summer at the Mindspace Shoreditch coworking space or on one of our ultra-comfortable couches in the winter, you can re-energize and refocus your afternoon by getting a change of scenery to bang out the rest of your work. This dynamic workspace environment is a testament to how office improvements enhance productivity by providing diverse and inspiring settings.

How can office design improve productivity? By providing flexible workspaces, such as our hybrid offices in London, employees can switch their environment to suit their preferences and needs. Additionally, considering the benefits of ergonomic solutions, for example how can a standing desk improve productivity, is crucial. Such design considerations promote a dynamic work environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and overall well-being.

How to Beat Tiredness at Work

3. Have a light, healthy snack

Be warned! Snacks with high amounts of added sugar or salt, like chocolate or potato chips, can increase your afternoon crash. A light snack such as sliced apples with natural peanut butter can help you feel full and fuel you through the afternoon.

How not to be tired at work

4. Turn up the tunes

Just like a good workout, the key here is music that motivates you. Music with a strong beat but fewer words can help keep you alert, without getting too distracted by that new hit song. And don’t underestimate how music can make you more productive – it can enhance your focus and creativity, elevating your work to a new level of effectiveness.

listening music to overcome tiredness at work

5. Let yourself check out

Giving yourself short, small breaks WITHOUT your phone can actually help you stay on task. Five minutes of thinking about your next vacation or joking around with a friend can clear your mind, keep you alert, and even motivate you to work harder. Sometimes, finding a quiet spot at a coworking space can be the perfect retreat for such mini breaks.

taking a break to beat the afternoon slump

All is not lost when your mid-day slump begins to set in, as there are simple tips to improve productivity with coworking, and by following them, you may even return to work more energized than in the morning.

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