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Shhhhhh! 5 ways to find peace and quiet in co-working spaces


11 May, 2023

Co-working has proven to be the perfect antidote for the home office blues, and there are various ways to boost productivity with coworking. Whether it’s those pick-me-up water cooler moments, the weekly Happy Hour or just the buzz of sharing a space with other like-minded professionals, co-working environments can lift your energy and mood, boosting productivity during a midday slump. We all know the positive impact of music on workspace productivity, but what if you want to drop the headphones, find a little zen and work in a quiet space? Or what if you’re a hot-shot lawyer dealing with sensitive information or a CFO about to close a top secret acquisition deal? Can co-working really be the ideal workspace for everyone?

At Mindspace we cater to a wide variety of workers and companies – of differing sizes and industries. Although creating inspirational open-plan offices that encourage collaboration is our bread and butter, we’ve integrated all kinds of quiet and private working options into the mix to empower people with the right balance of communal and private.

So leave the earphones at home…here are 5 ways to find peace, quiet and privacy at Mindspace:

  1. Booth to the future: There are the regular one-on-one phone booths, and then there are supersonic WorkBooths that will blow your mind. We recently introduced these smart WorkBooths at our new location at Petah Tikva in Israel. They are not only ultra sound-proof but have the same ventilation system as a submarine – ensuring an optimized oxygen supply for anyone working inside the booth. With background lighting that can be adjusted to your needs and the ability to automatically ventilate itself, these private booths pretty much give you the silence and protection of a nuclear bunker (but with awesome high-speed wifi)

2. A new vista: Escape to one of our beautiful rooftops to get some fresh air, take a private call, or even practise yoga. Check out this rooftop at Mindspace Ku’damm.

3. All under wraps with private meeting rooms: There are many occasions that call for a quiet space away from the curious ears of others. For example – for employee feedback meetings, interviewing talent or updating investors, absolute privacy is a must. Whenever the need arises you can reserve a beautiful meeting room to keep all sensitive information under wraps. Check out the serene vibes in this meeting room at Mindspace Wanamaker in Philadelphia.

4. And breathe: We believe that in order to be productive and happy at work, you need to take regular breaks and invest in a little ‘me time’. At the upcoming Mindspace Williamsburg in New York you can pop into the gym and climb into a meditation pod. Designed to help you de-stress and relax, these meditation pods will leave you feeling calmer, more focused and ready for any work challenge.

5. Nap room: Oh yes, it’s a thing. With lots of cozy pillows and dim lighting, this chill zone at Mindspace Ahad Ha’am is the perfect spot to get some midday shut-eye after an all-night Hackathon.

Considering the importance of employee well-being and productivity, workspace design goes beyond traditional elements and embraces innovative approaches. One such approach is incorporating nap rooms, which aligns with how design thinking principles boost office productivity. By providing a designated space for relaxation and recharging, employees can take short power naps, enhancing their focus, creativity, and overall cognitive performance.

To learn more about how thoughtful design can enhance your team’s effectiveness and overall satisfaction, check out our blog post on how workspace improvements drive productivity and insights on how standing while working boosts productivity and creates a more dynamic and engaging work environment.

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