Leverage the Planet: The Benefits of Working from Different Locations 

Ian Richter

24 November, 2019

Working in different locations has a lot of advantages, and can be a catalyst for progress as we’re constantly presented with inspiration, without having to search for it

The only reason you’re reading this article is because the idea of travel, and of changing your surroundings, is something that you’re naturally attracted to. Some people prefer a more stable work environment such as a private office in London, but for a lot of us, spending time in different locations is a meaningful way to experience different cultures and a sense of freedom. This dynamic rhythm keeps us at a high level of engagement within our own lives. Working in different locations, from a co working space Miami to Brooklyn coworking, has a lot of advantages, and can be a catalyst for progress as we’re constantly presented with inspiration, without having to search for it.

Less Stress

The essence of travel is, in fact, the journey, and while on a journey our main thought processes are more likely to be linked with taking in the new scenery, and getting a feel for the local culture, tastes, smells and sounds included. Assuming the environment we’re in is a favorable one, this mode of operation can sometimes reduce stress just by making us forget about it for a while. And less stress means putting your brain in a better position to perform.

Inspiration is Everywhere

Exposing yourself to a new environment is more like running a new operating system than switching a skin. It’s not only about what’s on the surface. People think differently in different parts of the world. They solve the same problems by using different solutions. Experiencing this paradigm shift keeps our thinking flexible and opens us up to new perspectives with regard to the way we do business.

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Owning your Schedule

Being able to travel and spend periods of time in different parts of the world requires a higher level of scheduling and strategy. While this might be a deterrent to some, it can, in fact, be very beneficial. Time can seem very fluid. Working within a schedule that is anchored to changes in location can actually help you stay on track with your deadlines, and give you a heightened sense of responsibility overall.

Vacation days that count

Avoid the infamous burnout! Feeling at home in your city is great, but sometimes weekends and off-time can become a bit repetitive. It’s not only about relaxation. Vacation days and weekends have the power to rejuvenate you and leave you ready for another week. By working in a different location, your time off becomes more rewarding.

Collaboration & Community

Working abroad means interacting with new people all the time. This doesn’t mean constant collaborations if that’s not what your project needs. It does mean that your chances of finding potential collaborators are vastly improved, with the added value of them being from different backgrounds to you, and having different views. Beyond the locals you meet, you will also be joining a global community of like-minded digital nomads with whom you can share your business and travel experiences.

Moreover, establishing a satellite office or hot desking, one of the best office space alternatives in 2023, can bring numerous benefits to your business. What does hot desking mean and how can a satellite office benefit your business, you ask? It provides the opportunity to expand your network and connect with a diverse range of professionals, increasing the chances of finding potential collaborators or business partners. Embracing a satellite office model also enables your business to leverage the advantages of a global workforce and tap into the collective expertise of professionals from various backgrounds, ultimately driving growth and success.

Considering the workspace trends for the future office, establishing a satellite office aligns perfectly with the evolving nature of work and the demand for flexibility. It allows your business to stay at the forefront of workspace trends, providing a dynamic and adaptable environment that attracts top talent and fosters collaboration.

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Cut Costs

This one depends on where you’re going, and where you’re coming from. However, if you’re looking to cut your overall spending, working in a location with a cheaper cost of living can be amazing. You get to charge your regular rates while reducing your expenses, without having to change your lifestyle.

Pick your climate

Ever wanted to have control over the weather? By being able to change your work location on a global level, you can follow your favorite weather conditions as they occur around the world.

Are you a fan of hot climate? Coworking space Wynwood is calling your name! Or do you prefer the moody and fresh British weather? We have plenty of London coworking locations to choose from – check out this central Hammersmith coworking or the hip coworking space in Shoreditch.

Live Lighter

Traveling for periods of time to work in different places will force you to rethink your material possessions. While you may opt to keep your stuff in storage, you aren’t going to have access to it on a regular basis. Freeing yourself up from clutter can be very liberating, and can improve focus on the things that are currently important.

Learn a New Language

Language-learning apps and online courses are useful, but there’s nothing like fully immersing yourself in a culture to get you speaking a new language, fast. You’ll still have to study, but being surrounded by people using the language you want to learn will help get your ears adjusted to the sound and provide context — two things that boost the language-learning process.

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New Challenges, New You

If you think that flying all over the globe while doing business is going to be a constantly smooth ride, then think again. There’s no reason why you should hit any major obstacles, but merely being in a foreign ecosystem with a language that isn’t your mother tongue, can present its own challenges. This is a good thing! Challenges like these are what make us dig deeper, think on our feet, and grow

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