Furnished office space

The Benefits of Renting a Fully Furnished Workspace


18 September, 2023

Furnished office space

In today’s evolving work landscape, flex office space is in high demand, and finding the right flexible office space for you and your team is a critical step for both company growth and employee happiness. Both in the new world of hybryd work and with the rising implementation of return-to-office policies, the office is at the heart of a company’s culture. It plays a vital role in collaboration, collective innovation and worker wellbeing.

When considering different office set-ups, you’re likely to come across the concept of a ‘Furnished Office’. On first impressions this implies renting an office already equipped with tables, chairs, sofas, lighting and other tangible furniture items. However, there are many additional benefits of a ‘furnished office’ beyond the practical convenience. In fact, a fully furnished office space also saves time, money and hassle, and gives your company the flexibility to grow, while offering plenty of extra services that impact employee wellbeing. This is how hot desking works too. 

Furnished offices

What does a fully furnished office include?

A fully furnished office rental like this coworking Wynwood space is a workspace that comes equipped with all the essentials needed to run a functional and productive office environment. While the specific offerings may vary depending on the provider and the type of office space, here are the key components typically included:

  • office furniture
  • high speed internet and IT infrastructure
  • utilities and maintenance
  • reception services
  • conference and meeting rooms
  • kitchen and break areas
  • security
  • flexible lease terms

Is it better to get a furnished or an unfurnished space?

Renting an unfurnished office space can be an appealing option for those who crave creative freedom and wish to tailor their workspace to their unique needs and preferences.

Long-term financial benefits also often accompany non-furnished office space options. Although the initial investment in furniture and equipment can be substantial, these assets are owned by you and can appreciate in value over time. This means that, in the long run, you can potentially save money compared to renting an office furnished, where you pay a premium for the convenience of pre-equipped spaces.

However, it’s important to note that non-furnished office spaces come with certain responsibilities. You’ll be responsible for the setup and maintenance of all the assets in your workspace, which can be time-consuming and entail additional costs. Additionally, the initial setup can be a logistical challenge, involving the purchase, transportation, and assembly of furniture and equipment.

Fully furnished offices not only eliminate the initial setup hassles but also provide a turnkey solution that caters to various business needs. They strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics by offering professionally designed workspaces equipped with ergonomic furniture, modern decor, and essential amenities. This ensures that you can step into a ready-to-use office environment where productivity and comfort coexist, making it an appealing choice for businesses of all sizes and stages.

fully equipped office space

Why should you rent a fully furnished office space?

 To save money

There are many hidden costs in moving to a traditional unfurnished office space, beyond the actual monthly rent payments. Consider the regular utility, insurance and IT overheads. The cost of hiring a designer and shopping for the right furniture and fittings. Paying for electricians and plumbers and connecting the WiFi. Most furnished spaces are flex offices, where all the above services are included in the rental agreement, reducing overall overheads.

To save time

There is a long list of things to organize when you move offices. Arranging a removal company, connecting utilities and the hassle of renovating, refurbishing and getting everything set up so that your team can comfortably work from a new space. With a furnished office you get a turnkey solution – removing most of the stress and time involved in building, operating and settling into your new work environment.

To avoid hassle

Air-conditioner broken down again? Coffee machine playing up? Run out of paper for the printer? There is a never-ending to-do list for the maintenance of an office space. When you opt for a furnished office like our Miami shared office space, you also get all the backend and technical servicing as part of the deal. At Mindspace we understand the importance our members place on hassle-free hospitality, and pride ourselves in providing first-class customer service. It’s a major part of the decision-making for companies choosing a fully furnished office for rent, as it frees up executives to focus on the more important aspects of running a business.

Furnished office spaces and meeting rooms

Flexible terms

A furnished office (aka flex-office or coworking space) enables you to book extra meeting rooms, studios and event spaces on-demand. These shared spaces work out to be much more economical for companies – and mean that you can cater for larger groups when you need to. In addition – given that most rental agreements for furnished workspaces are short-term and flexible, it’s very easy to upgrade and add extra rooms, desks and hot-desks. By avoiding a long-term fixed office space and opting for a flexible furnished option, it’s easy to add more room for new employees as you grow, highlighting the advantages of shared workspaces.

For a professional, relaxed atmosphere

Whether a large enterprise company seeking a satellite office for global talent or a start-up or SMB setting up their headquarters, a furnished office is a fast and affordable way to give your employees a pleasant and comfortable office. Central to the employee experience, an attractive, well-designed office is imperative for wellbeing and worker retention.

At Mindspace we use design-thinking techniques to build workspaces that inspire productivity and encourage collaboration. Our interior designers ensure that furnishings and artwork are coordinated, there is plenty of natural light and greenery and the overall décor is both professional and inspirational. We ensure that whether our members are hosting potential or existing partners, employees and clients, that the office and its furnishings reflect brand credibility.

A furnished office, flex office or coworking space also provides something that a beautifully designed virtual office cannot – atmosphere and community.

What is a virtual office exactly? It’s a service that allows businesses to have a prestigious address and telephone number without the need for a physical office space.

To make use of amenities and services

A ‘furnished office’ means a ‘serviced office space’ – where everything is already set up for you. Office design and furnishings that provide an inviting, professional and on-brand environment for your company.  There is no need to pay for a presentable lobby, installing restrooms and air-conditioning. In addition, the common set-up for fully serviced offices is a coworking arrangement where companies share amenities. This includes everything from sharing a kitchen and lounge area – to a gym, rooftop bar and yoga studio. Also, instead of paying for private meeting rooms which often sit empty – companies have the choice of booking a shared meeting room on-demand. By sharing amenities and overheads, a fully equipped office space such as our coworking space Old Street provides a more economical office space and lower overheads.  

Office space with furniture
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Amenities and services included in fully furnished office spaces


From free-flowing coffee to sharing a microwave, it’s not just economical to share a kitchen with other companies, it also serves as a meeting point for employees. It’s the best place to meet new people, spark new connections and start conversations.

Lounge area

Everyone loves snuggling up with their laptop to get some serious work done. Many people feel their most productive when working from a cozy area. It’s also these beautiful lounge areas that provide the perfect space for collaborating with other colleagues. Whether brainstorming or finding your creative groove, no office in the modern world is complete without its beloved lounge areas. Often a staple feature in a furnished flex space or coworking office, it’ll help you get through even the most boring conference calls.

Meeting rooms

Whether it’s for the monthly board meeting or daily team meeting, a furnished office provides you with different sized conference rooms to cater to every business need. You can book them as you need.

Podcast studios

The cost of building a sound-proof recording studio with all the accompanying equipment makes it prohibitive for most companies, particularly solopreneurs or early-stage startups. However, podcasts are a valuable communications tool for everyone. Mindspace Ahad Ha’am in Tel Aviv, for example, offers a podcast studio.

Rooftop, lobby & communal spaces

From early morning yoga sessions to late-night parties, the rooftop, lobby or communal area is one of the most popular features for any flex-office provider. It’s the ideal place to relax, unwind and take advantage of additional wellness and social activities organized by the coworking provider. Not to mention the amazing rooftop views from our Wynwood office space, Shoreditch office space, Williamsburg coworking space, and more! With a furnished office it’s all set up and ready for you.

Event spaces

Fully furnished office spaces are designed to be versatile and adaptable, catering to a variety of business requirements. Event spaces within these offices are no exception. They are multifunctional areas that can be transformed to host a wide range of events and activities. Many types of events that can be accommodated in fully furnished office event spaces, from conferences and workshops to product launches and networking events.

benefits of a furnished office

Rent a furnished office space near you

If you’re still not convinced of the major advantages of a furnished office – then why not give it a go? Unlike long-term traditional office leases there are a variety of short-term rental agreements and membership subscriptions available, meaning you can start small and let your office expand in line with your business. This flexibility is one of the key benefits of flex office spaces and can help businesses adapt to changing needs over time. However, it’s essential to weigh both the benefits and disadvantages of flex office spaces to make an informed decision.

Minspace now has prime locations in over 20 cities worldwide – offering several different sites and buildings in major coworking hubs such as San Francisco coworking, Berlin, hybrid offices in London, Miami, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv and many other cities. Our signature Mindspace design and first-class hospitality are attracting companies of all sizes to embrace fully furnished office rentals, whether that’s a flexible private office, a team suite with private amenities or hot desks in an open plan coworking space. While employees still like to work remotely in their own virtual office, companies have realized that a hybrid model is essential to help promote collaboration, innovation and employee wellbeing. A flex-office solution will enable you to give your workers the best of both worlds.  

Looking for a flexible workspace solution in the heart of Ku’damm, Berlin? Our coworking space offers fully furnished and fully equipped serviced offices to rent, with the ability to expand or contract as your business grows. Learn more about our tailored solutions and book a tour today at Mindspace Ku’damm.

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