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#MemberSpotlight – What is the Advantage of a Flexible Office Space

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29 November, 2022

Guest author: Andreas Fischer, CEO at minubo; member at Mindspace Rödingsmarkt in Hamburg

At the beginning of March we moved out of our leased chic office in Hamburg and into Mindspace Rödingsmarkt. I have to admit, at first moving to a coworking space felt strange, and I was unsure whether it was the right decision for us as a company to have flexible spaces to work vs traditional office setups. Looking back, we are very happy with our decision. The future of working is flexible work spaces, especially now with a continuing demand of flex office space.

minubo employees at Mindspace Hamburg flex office
minubo employees enjoying pizza at the lounge area of Mindspace Rödingsmarkt in Hamburg

Questions We Asked Before Renting a Flexible Office in Hamburg

As the expiration of our previous office lease contract got closer, we had to find a new office for rent. Somehow there were no good options available: offices were too expensive (despite my expectation to see a drop in rental costs post-COVID), lease contracts were very long or the location wasn’t good.

In addition, my mind was occupied with many questions and uncertainties:

  • How many workstations would we still need post-COVID?
  • How is the work culture developing, and what do our employees want?
  • How do we enable flexibility, but at the same time prevent the office from becoming deserted more often than not?

Providing Flexibility to Our Employees

The decision to move to a flexible office space was not an easy one. We wondered what the future of the flexible office space will be like. But today, after having rented a coworking space in Hamburg for a few months, I am very happy we chose flex.

At Mindspace Rödingsmarkt, located in a sun-lit landmark building in the heart of the old town of Hamburg, we rent two private offices in which our employees can work flexibly. Each employee has their own locker for their personal belongings, and we no longer have fixed, assigned seats as most employees work hybrid (see what hot desking means and how it works). Employees can decide whether they prefer to work from home or the office. We encourage all employees to come to the office for our monthly company meetings, where we are happy to see as many faces as possible.

The feedback we get from our about our non-traditional office spaces employees is great. It’s nice being able to choose between different working environments tailored to our needs – be it meeting rooms, one-on-one phone booths, or an open space. We also love the atmosphere and having other people from different companies around, as well as appreciate the various events organized by Mindspace.

The Advantages of a Flexible Office Space

After a few months of coworking in Hamburg, at Mindspace Rödingsmarkt, I can say that:

  • We can offer a flexible workplace to everyone in the team without turning into a ghost office.
  • We feel that the team spirit is great thanks to the well designed offices and meeting rooms, as well as the open minded vibes.
  • We can be sure that there is always fresh coffee, snacks and drinks.
  • We don’t have to worry about space efficiency, and we have the flexibility to grow as needed. This is only one of the benefits of renting a fully furnished office space.

For me, it was simply the right decision to take the plunge and to choose a flexible office solution of moving into a coworking space. We have several locations, even outside of Germany. There are opportunities to get flexible office spaces in London, UK, or a coworking space in Philadelphia, for instance.

Are you ready for a change as well? Learn how to save on your office real estate and meet your team’s evolving needs!

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