Decorating Mindspace With Dari Shechter

Nicole Nanikashvili

17 August, 2021

What seems like a simple wooden cutting board to you, could be the missing piece of the puzzle for Dari Shechter, VP of Creative and Design at Mindspace. With each new location opening she heads over to the local shops and markets to find the perfect items that turn a ‘space’ into ‘Mindspace’.

Global mindset, with a local flavor
– we take that phrase seriously. As we follow her through the Jaffa Flea Market, she shows us a glimpse of what moves her, what intrigues her and what feels most like Mindspace. “I need to bring something that gives the feeling there’s a collector behind all of this”, says Dari Shechter.

It’s been a difficult period, to say the least. With each lockdown the local business owners were those to suffer the most. Even those that have been around since 1949. And with each reopening, it takes them the longest to get back on track.

Earlier this year, in the midst of the pandemic, Mindspace opened La Guardia: its fifth branch in Israel. Since, the global flex office operator has further expanded and opened its US flagship in Philadelphia – at the historic landmark The Wanamaker Building – and announced its 6th opening for Israel at Yakum, scheduled for November of 2021.

Rest assured that those, too, carry the ‘Mindspace’ signature DNA, mostly thanks to local artists, designers and shop owners (and the magic touch of Dari). To see the end result, visit Mindspace La Guardia at Ha’harash 20, Tel Aviv.

A special thanks to:

Antony Hatchuel & Harry Ehrlich – Video
Antony Hatchuel – Editing
Chen Mizrach – Creative Director Mindspace
Dari Shechter – VP Creative and Design Mindspace

Local shops: 

Moshiko’s Workshop – Rabbi Nachman 2, Jaffa
Sarina Records –  Rabbi Yohanan 4, Jaffa
Zvika B’shuk Hapishpeshim – Olei Zion 9, Jaffa
Acheroff Antiques – Nachman 5, Jaffa
Gadi’s Place – Rabbi Pinchas 14, Jaffa

About the author

Nicole Nanikashvili is the Brand and Content Marketing Lead at Mindspace.

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