How to End Your Office Overhead Nightmare  with Coworking

Coworking: The End to Your Office Overhead Nightmare 

Ian Richter

1 November, 2022

Thanks to coworking, both SMBs, and large enterprises are enjoying the huge relief that comes with completely doing away with a long list of overhead expenses

overhead expenses  and coworking

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While every company is very focused on generating revenue, cutting back on costs is part of the same equation. Office space today is extremely costly. Once you take into account the numerous unavoidable expenses that go with it, it’s easy to see how just keeping an operation going can put a lot of financial pressure on a company.

Thanks to the history of coworking spaces and coworking itself, both SMBs, and large enterprises are enjoying the huge relief that comes with completely doing away with a long list of overhead expenses.

Pay for the space you need

Social coworking spaces let companies rent out the exact amount of space they need. And when they expand or contract, their monthly payments can be changed accordingly. The biggest myths about coworking spaces are many, and we have a separate article uncovering them all!

You don’t have to buy a lot of stuff

Desks, chairs, printers, coffee machines, pictures, and decorations — the list of stuff needed to be bought for an office can seem endless. With coworking spaces for freelancers such as coworking Williamsburg, not only do you not need to spend a fortune on purchases, but you’ll also be able to skip on wasting hours picking things out from catalogs. This is why startups choose coworking spaces.

Maintenance is no longer your problem

Buying and installing everything is only the beginning. An office space needs regular maintenance. Light bulbs need to be switched, air conditioners need repair, and other technical hassles require constant attention. With coworking, none of it’s your problem.

Monthly Utilities & Services

With coworking, electricity, internet and other services are all taken care of. Besides cutting costs, this has the added advantage of eliminating another time waster — searching for the best deals for various services.


Holding regular events has become central to company culture. An annual Christmas party isn’t enough. But planning events can be heavy on resources — both in terms of work hours and budget. Leading coworking spaces like our London coworking spaces will have their own events schedule with a variety of activities and gatherings throughout the year. This takes a lot of the pressure off companies to provide high-quality events, and since everyone’s invited, this can lead to interesting interactions between the employees and management of all the companies involved.

Not only are office overheads costly, but they can also be a real headache and a waste of time. With coworking and where it is going, you get to enjoy a serious cut in your office expenses as well as peace of mind.

Looking for flexible workspace options on Ku’damm, Berlin? Check out Mindspace’s coworking space on Ku’damm and rent offices that fit your exact needs. Say goodbye to the headaches of office maintenance and utility management while enjoying a vibrant community of like-minded professionals. Visit our Ku’damm location page to learn more.

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