The Kwinta Factor


24 April, 2023

Meet Michal Kwinta. He’s a big thinker, tennis fanatic, wakeboarding enthusiast and coffee addict. Living by the famous Adidas motto, ‘Impossible is Nothing’, he’s also the driving force behind Mindspace in Poland. As we gear up to launch our swanky new location called Mindspace Skyliner, we caught up with him to get some insider info on what a typical day looks like and what sparks his passion for Mindspace.   

So how does Mindspace’s ‘City Lead in Poland’ begin the day?

Snooze. Snooze…and then snooze again. Then I get up and shift into daddy mode. I make breakfast for my two boys and then do the school run. I drive to work and by the time I arrive at Mindspace Koszyki I’m psyched about my first cup of coffee. The in-house barista offers delicious free coffee and is a central meeting point for members, and I savor the experience. I love the smell of the coffee beans and how people connect and form friendships there.

Coffee aside, what do you love about working at Mindspace?

I love the dynamic growth, the non-hierarchical culture…and most of all, the people. The market opportunity is also incredibly exciting. Since becoming City Lead for Poland we’ve doubled our rental space in Warsaw…and are about to triple it. There is so much appetite for flex offices and the Mindspace experience – and I feel that we’re in the right moment for special things to happen.

What are the typical work responsibilities you handle day-to-day?

Well, another thing I love about my work is that every day is different and presents varied challenges and opportunities. I am a bridge between the local team and HQ, I support sales & broker relations and I oversee our community and operations – so I’ve got my fingers in many pies! I also manage a team of passionate managers and helping them excel is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work.

What are you excited about right now at Mindspace?

That’s an easy question. We’ve opened our second Warsaw location called Mindspace Skyliner, and it’s truly stunning. In fact, in my opinion it’s the most luxurious office space in all of Poland. The building is a 42-floor skyscraper and the lobby is very impressive with a 16 meter high ceiling. The view is absolutely beautiful and you really feel at the heart of the business district. It’s like the Gucci or Prada of real estate. Whereas our first location at Koszyki has a boutique feel and lifestyle that appeals to a more creative crowd, Skyliner’s grand scale, elegance and accessibility (via public transport) make it ideal for the corporate world. 

Mindspace Skyliner

What do you think is Mindspace’s secret sauce?

I really believe it’s our personal touch. We offer flexible contracts starting at just 1 month, and yet most of our members have been with us for more than 4 years. We care about personalized customer service and meeting expectations – and that’s what sets us apart in the market. It’s also the part of my work that I enjoy the most. I love spending time getting to know the members, and talking not just about business, but about life and philosophy too.

What is the most unexpected thing about Mindspace?

Although we’re experiencing rapid growth, it always warms my heart that our co-founders Dan and Yotam are still approachable, hands-on, and open to new ideas from everyone – which makes us all feel like one big family. Also – Dan is still really involved in the design details…which always surprises me.

What are you most proud of professionally?

My team.


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