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Nurturing Company Culture Within a Coworking Space 

Noga Grinberg

31 October, 2022

These 5 tips will get you to take the leap of faith and make the change.

It’s been recognized that today’s companies, whether budding startups or established enterprises, need to invest in creating their own unique culture, and nurture it.

When we look back at the rise of Microsoft, Apple, and Google, a lot of the initial identities of these companies did revolve around their offices. Headlines were often paired with photos of office buildings with fancy signs. Features in the news would show employees playing video games and pool.

With the significant wave of businesses moving into coworking, we’re beginning to question the role of physical space in a company’s culture. The question is, how can we develop distinct company cultures while residing within a coworking ecosystem?

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Well, that’s not too hard actually. Firstly, coworking alongside other companies can actually be beneficial for your brand.

Let’s say you have an entire operation in a nice building that’s completely yours. Aside from your marketing and sales teams, your employees won’t really be active in perpetuating the brand and culture.

In a coworking environment such as our Miami office space, employees are “forced” to think about their own company’s culture and own it. This is because they have a point of reference — their office neighbours. Employees in a coworking enterprise are more likely to casually pitch about their company or product. This results in a stronger identity and can even lead to new ideas about company culture from within.

Here are 5 ways to build and nurture your company’s culture within a coworking space…

1. Keep the dialogue going

Use digital tools to create a feeling of an internal community. Collaboration tools, the company blog, a closed forum, and newsletters can all be used to spark dialogue between employees. This flow of insider information is the life blood of your company’s communication, and therefore, culture.

2. Be creative with branding

How would a complete stranger know that they’re in your company’s office area? Is your logo visible? Does it appear physically in the space, and not just on a website? Is it being used on all company emails? Does your brand incorporate other visual elements that could be used to add your unique ambiance to the space?

3. Get personal

Let your employees personalize their workspaces how they see fit. Obviously, things still need to be organized and functional, but even small objects, plants, and pictures can add a lot to the character of a space and make people feel more at home.

how does coworking affect company culture

4. Customize your setup

Don’t just assume that your office setup is optimal. Arranging teams within your coworking area requires thought and planning. Talk to your community manager about options to configure your teams differently. Remember to always put your employees’ needs first, and give them time to adjust to any changes.

5. Take part as a team

Lastly, leading coworking spaces, such as our Shoreditch coworking, maintain a busy schedule of hi-level events. You can leverage these events by participating as a team. Collaboration, and putting yourself out there as a group, will further work to consolidate your company’s essence and culture. And why not even throw an event yourself? Our event spaces in London and beyond are perfect for hosting your own workshops, seminars, or a company celebration. This not only showcases your company’s commitment to engagement but also allows you to interact with clients, partners, and the local business community in a dynamic and impressive environment.

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