#MemberSpotlight – How Mindspace Makes My Life as a Founder Easier


30 October, 2022

Meet Carrie Filipetti, the founding Executive Director of the Vandenberg Coalition, a non-partisan network that educates policy-makers, the press, and the public on American foreign policy, in order to serve the interests of the American people, economy, and security.

Carrie’s journey with Mindspace began nearly a decade ago. Whilst working abroad in Tel Aviv in 2013, she’d heard of a new co-working facility opening its first creative workspace and somehow found herself attending the grand opening. Years later, when Carrie was in search of a coworking space and furnished office to set up her own offices, she remembered Mindspace and – after touring about a dozen different D.C.-based spaces on her list – she decided it was “the one”. 

The Vandenberg Coalition Team

Why did you choose Mindspace?

Although the flexibility for prospective growth, extremely central location, minimal startup costs, and various amenities were all important factors in the selection process, it was ultimately the front desk team (Chris and Jake) at Mindspace K Street that sold me. From our initial meeting, in the Mindspace meeting rooms, I could tell they were genuinely committed to Mindspace members. Now, after almost two years of membership, I can confirm that my original hunch was correct! Whenever we have a question or concern, it is handled immediately, and there’s a real effort to support each member’s unique needs. The team at Mindspace is truly the best. 

What is your favorite part about Mindspace?  

The “Mindspace Hours” (weekly happy hours and other related events) are fantastic! Post-Covid, it is essential to our health and wellbeing that we find environments that foster community. Mindspace’s regularly scheduled programming provides just that, with a warm, welcoming space that encourages productivity on your own alongside building meaningful relationships in the workplace. 

A Vandenberg Coalition event hosted at Mindspace

Why recommend Mindspace to others?

My personal motto is “be useful.” Mindspace has made my life as a founding executive director so much easier, therefore it felt only natural to share this incredible resource as a way of helping other founders I know…and I wasn’t surprised to see they all signed up. Not to mention, how wonderful it is to see so many friends in the building – especially the more people we recruit in! 

Best memory at Mindspace?

Setting up for Christmas! We hosted our holiday party a bit earlier in the season last year and decked out all the common areas with decorations. The Mindspace team and the rest of the members liked them so much, they were kept up all winter. It was great to work in such a festive and inviting space, especially knowing we had a hand in creating it! 

Mindspace in 3 words: Inclusive. Modern. Friendly

Any parting words?

I truly consider setting up shop here at Mindspace to be one of my best decisions and encourage others to do so as well.

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