Mindspace Wanamaker in Philadelphia has a fully-equipped shared kitchen and a beautiful open space

#MemberSpotlight – A Day in the Life of a Mindspace Member in Philadelphia

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18 May, 2022

Guest author: Emily Hauser, Straker Translations; member at Mindspace Wanamaker in Philadelphia

Mindspace Wanamaker's beautiful lounge area and open space
Mindspace Wanamaker’s beautiful lounge | Photo: Jeffrey Totaro

Working at Straker Translations, we currently rent an 8-workstation office space at Mindspace Wanamaker in Philadelphia, but hope to grow and expand in the future. We joined Mindspace back in May 2021 and haven’t looked back since. The space itself is warm and inviting, beautifully decorated and cozy, yet professional. I actually enjoy coming to work and into the office.

Emily Hauser at Mindspace Wanamaker in Philadelphia
Emily Hauser, Mindspace member in Philadelphia

Let me give you a sneak peek into my typical workday at Mindspace Wanamaker:

8:30 am

Time to get to work. I currently reside in South Philadelphia, so I combine walking with a subway ride up Broad Street (the street that runs directly through the center of the city) to the Philadelphia City Hall station. I enjoy my roughly 30-minute commute, and always stop to grab coffee at my favorite Starbucks on my way in.

9:00 am

There’s nothing like starting the day with an energizing workout. Many times I head to the gym before starting my workday. It’s great to have a gym on-site as it contributes a lot to wellbeing. On other days I usually start replying to emails at home, until around 9:00 am, and then head to the office.

As I go up the escalator I enjoy the impressive interior of The Wanamaker Building. Mindspace is located on the 4th floor, and the first vibe that I get when I enter the space is peace and calm. I usually see Senior Community Manager Carly Dolder or Sales Manager Camilla Warren, and stop to chat around for a little bit before heading to our private office space

10:00 am

I usually spend the morning hours working at my desk. Our private office faces the Philadelphia City Hall, which happens to be the world’s largest free standing masonry building; pretty cool in addition to a beautiful view.

I work for Straker Translations, a tech company that uses machine learning, AI and professionals to complete translations for companies globally. My role as an Account and Client Relations Manager is to manage the relationship between the client and the company, and I love it!

12:00 pm

I usually try to bring lunch from home, to stay healthy and save money. But on the days that I don’t, I either go out to grab something with my colleagues, or I go to get a take away and bring it back to the office.

We usually eat our lunch in the open space. I actually became friends with some Mindspace members from other companies, so it’s always pleasant to eat together. These human connections make me have a much greater desire to actually spend time in the office. Moreover, the office environment motivates me to work more productively than working from home, and I do tell everyone that they should go back into the office.

2:00 pm

Afternoons are a great time for a change of atmosphere. The open space is not only a place to network and connect. Since I also run a lifestyle Instagram account, I enjoy taking photos at the well-decorated open space, with its calming colors and welcoming vibes.

Other Mindspace corners that I like are some of the bigger, airy meeting rooms. I also use the phone booths to take private calls.

Mindspace Wanamaker's boutique design
Mindspace Wanamaker has a unique, high-end design | Photo: Daniel Jackson

4:00 pm

When I feel that I need a break, I either go to the shared kitchen, where I usually get a decaf from the machine (I’m trying to cut down on caffeine at the moment) or a cup of tea.

Other times I head out for a short walk just around the building. There’s always something going on; Philadelphia is a very vibrant city. Mindspace Wanamaker is right at Center City, surrounded by loads of places to grab food and coffee, or to shop.

Mindspace hour

About once a week the Mindspace Community Team organizes a happy hour for members. It’s always a lot of fun. Everybody especially loves the food-themed ones (who doesn’t enjoy food?). The Community Managers do an amazing job planning the Mindspace hours to help break up the work day. They are warm and friendly, and have become good friends of mine.

Happy hour at Mindspace's offices in Philadelphia
Delicious snacks at the Mindspace Hour in Philadelphia | Photo: Carly Dolder

About Straker Translations

Straker Translations provides next generation language services supported by a state of the art technology stack and robust AI layers. Through technical innovation, they’re a proven partner in future-proofing global communications.

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