how to attract top talent in D.C.

Attract Top Talent in D.C. with These 3 Core Values 

Naama Adler

12 February, 2023

Fresh Survey of D.C. Office Workers uncovers what you can do to keep your teams satisfied and productive and lure in the best talent

How to attract top talent in D.C.

Drawing top talent and retaining your best performers are mission-critical for most D.C. employers. While many factors are involved in creating a dynamic company culture that will win over the best, here are the 3 core values that stand out, mined from our recent Workplace Productivity & Satisfaction Report, in which third-party, independent research firm OnePoll, surveyed 250 D.C. area office workers.

Embracing Flexibility in the Workplace

Since today’s workforce is more mobile than ever, companies need to adapt. Employees not only look for, but they expect flexibility from their employers — spanning everything from the office floor plan, to setting their own work hours. According to the Report, nearly a third (30.15%) of employees want 24/7 access to their offices so they can schedule hours that work best for them.

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Companies that embrace flexibility have a major competitive edge when it comes to employee retention and recruiting. Some prime examples of flexibility in the work environment include: designating office space for collaborative work, as well as areas for “silent work”-free of distraction; embracing non-traditional work environments (i.e. home, coworking spaces); offering holistic benefits/amenities that account for employees’ lifestyles; and, giving employees the freedom to create their own schedules. Ultimately, flexibility boils down to empowering employees to have more choice in where and how they complete their work.

Aligning with Core Values

Company brand name and an unblemished reputation simply aren’t sufficient in today’s battle for talent. Today’s workforce genuinely cares about what a company does, and how it treats people (spanning customers, to employees and vendors). Employees are increasingly looking to work for organizations that align with their core values; and even, make the effort to incorporate social impact as part of their mission.

Because employees invest a bulk of their time in their jobs, it’s important for them to align the work they do with an organization that aims to make a positive impact-locally, or on a global scale. In fact, a recent Harvard Study surveying over 2,000 professionals, found that 9 out of 10 American workers, would even be willing to earn less money to do more meaningful work. Employees working in roles they deemed meaningful, were 69% less likely to leave their jobs in the next 6 months.

Investing in Professional Development

According to a recent Gallup report, “Businesses with highly engaged teams, observed profitability increases of 21%… and output quality by 40%.” Employees want to advance and thrive in the workplace. They want to be engaged in meaningful, challenging work. And, they want to grow. When companies invest in the professional development of their employees, they send an affirming message. They say: “You are valued.” Employers need to ensure work is driven by purpose and develop strategic pathways that foster leadership skills.

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Workplace Environment Matters

Employers need to look beyond quarterly gains and start asking themselves some hard questions: How do we treat our employees? Do our actions contribute to building trust? Do we produce high-quality products, or provide exceptional customer service? What are we doing to benefit society or the environment? Are we infusing meaning into the roles of our employees?

Employees feel the workplace environment directly reflects company culture, value, and identity. In fact, the Workplace Productivity Study found that 33% of office-based employees described their workspace environment as “boring” or “lacking atmosphere.” Additionally, nearly a quarter of office workers in D.C. report feeling like the lack of thought and investment by their employers in their workspace makes workers feel like their employers are not concerned about worker comfort, happiness, and productivity.

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Significant opportunity exists to actively create and manage a modern workplace environment that optimizes employee productivity and boosts satisfaction. The field of ergonomics relates to designing and arranging workspaces, products, and systems to fit the employees within them. The Workplace Productivity shows that simple improvements could boost your ‘Business Ergonomics’ score — the impact of your workspace design, layout, and office elements to boost employee satisfaction and productivity levels.

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‘Business ergonomics’ are physical workplace features employers should invest in to promote employee productivity and satisfaction.

A few practical ways to spruce up your business ergonomics based on employee desires? Comfortable furniture, chillout/break areas, designated quiet rooms, and better lighting — could all contribute to a workspace more attuned to the needs of the modern workforce.

Click here to gain more actionable insights from our recent Workplace Productivity & Satisfaction Report, conducted with OnePoll.

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