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22 January, 2024

There are so many things I love about Philadelphia. Whether you’re a history buff or a lover of music, the city has so much to offer. The people are welcoming, the museums are amazing and the city is so walkable I spend many a weekend meandering through its parks and quiet streets. It might be the sixth largest city in America, but it’s retained a small town charm, which makes it a great place for remote working. As a Community Manager at Mindspace Wanamaker, it’s my job to be clued up on where the best places to eat, sleep and drink coffee are. 

So if you’re new in town and looking for a) a great place for remote working and b) great coffee all day long, then look no further!  Here’s my list of the best places to check out in the ‘City of Brotherly Love’. And yes, we do live up to our nickname:

best coffe shops and other places to work from in Philadelphia
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Elixr Coffee Roasters – #renewal

If you’re feeling tired and looking for a quick pick me up – then Elixr is a safe bet. With several locations around the city, they offer real deal coffee and yummy bagels. Each shop has a different interior design mix of wood, marble and flower patterns, creating a relaxing atmosphere for work. Another reason why I like Elixir is because they support local artists. Last winter they featured uplifting poetry and artwork on takeaway coffee sleeves – all in the theme of care and renewal. 

Chapterhouse Cafe & Gallery – #refills

This one is a neighborhood favorite. Chapterhouse Cafe & Gallery has reliable WiFi and a huge space downstairs for coworking. It tends to get a little crowded at the weekends with students. Mid-week it’s a great place to head to work until late, they stay open until 10pm. If your budget is tight – you’ll appreciate the coffee refills for only 50 cents. 

Ultimo Coffee – #coffeematters

Just a description of some of the international coffee on offer at Ultimo will have you salivating. My personal favorite is the Ethiopian coffee blend with hints of Lemon, Bergamot and Apricot. A close second would be a cup of its Mexican blended Sierra Magica, with cocoa, baked apple and fig flavors. With three locations in Philly, all with plenty of plug-ins, you can cozy up with more than a cup of great coffee and your laptop. Their selection of cakes, including a blueberry ricotta cake, is simply to die for. Don’t even get me started on their Thanksgiving pies! To add to the feel-good factor, Ultimo are known for their social responsibility – donating 5% of their net profits to local organizations such as Black Lives Matter Philly, Asylum Seekers Advocacy Project and HIAS Pennsylvania. Don’t forget to bring your own mug – and you’ll get a discount on your coffee. 

Best Philadelphia coffee shops for remote workers
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Green Line Cafe – #communityvibes

With fair-trade organic coffee, culture and conversation – the Green Line Cafe ticks all the boxes. This is definitely not the place for serious work or quiet zoom calls, but when I’m suffering from a bout of the home-office blues, this is where I head to. In fact – their scrumptious banana bread and open-mic poetry sessions are the special ingredients that give it the nickname of ‘West Philly’s living room’. At a quick glance, their green and white branded mugs are reminiscent of Starbucks, but the Green Line’s welcoming neighborhood vibes set it far apart from the global commercial chain. 

Rival Bros. Coffee Roasters – #findingfocus

I stumbled across Rival Brothers after failing to nab a seat at Elixr. The place has a rustic feel and the menu offers a lovely variety of traditional drip coffees and loose leaf teas. If you’re looking to get into a serious work groove, you’ll be in good company. There are always a group of techies huddled around laptops, making this the perfect place to code that next killer feature. 

Rally Coffee – #light&lavender

Rally Coffee is another personal favorite of mine – largely because it’s a coffee shop meets concept store. Reserve a spot by the hour for a small fee, so you can plan to have a one-on-one meeting here. The abundance of natural light and their honey lavender lattes help me get through the day.

Càphê Roasters – #deliciouslyauthentic

Càphê Roasters is a lovely authentic Vietnamese coffee shop that has amazing food! You’ll love their light, homely design with green plants and books. The place has plenty of long tables that make it ideal for coworking – so you can bring friends or colleagues with you. To reward yourself, I recommend you treat yourself to a plate of Mama Fries topped with creamy chili sauce and fried eggs. In fact, between the delicious food and the sun-drenched sofas, the only challenge here is staying awake after lunch.  Although, one of their ‘black sesame lattes’ will quickly solve that problem!

K’far Cafe – #bagel&buzz

One of the best places to start the workday is the Israeli bakery and café K’far Cafe. Its fabulous breakfast is the perfect fuel to help you power through your to-do list. Try a smoked salmon bagel or the Kubaneh toast with brown sugar ricotta and figs. The beautiful retro design indoors, gorgeous patio and ideal volume of buzz make this a total work-friendly coffee shop. The meaning of ‘K’far’ in Hebrew is ‘village’, which explains the long tables and welcoming vibe. It’s ideal for working in groups or for spontaneous chitchat with other working professionals. 

Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books – #ZadieSmith&spreadsheets

I love Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books so much that I stay to hang out with friends after a day’s remote working there. There’s something so inviting about their comfy sofas and bookstore vibe. If I’m flying solo I prefer to work at the kitchen bar.  This is really a place for a slow day’s work and a good book. 

ReAnimator Coffee Roasters – #urbanbliss

Admittedly I haven’t been to all their locations across the city, but their coffee shop in Kensington is ideal for workers like me. The WiFi is free and the coffee is great. Despite its popularity you can always find a spot in this study friendly space. 

Mindspace Wanamaker – #coworkingheaven

As much as I adore exploring Philly’s coffee shops, one of the best alternatives is Mindspace Wanamaker, the coworking office where I work . I love their facilities and the eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, startups and global brands based. At Mindspace you get plenty of bang for your buck with free (delicious) coffee all day long. Did I mention there are also yoga classes and social events? With a range of flexible membership options, you can choose the most economical solution to meet your needs – even renting a meeting room or desk on-demand. A day working in our inspiring Philadelphia coworking environment will do wonders for your productivity and creativity. 

So from one coffee addict to another, I hope you enjoy my top tips for the best places to work remotely in Philadelphia. Feel free to come visit us at Mindspace Wanamaker for a free cup of coffee! Click here to make a reservation.

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