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Watch: Mindspace’s Hidden Gems Featured on Channel 13 Israel

Adi Weinberger, Content Marketing Manager at Mindspace

Adi Weinberger

1 November, 2021

Israel’s Channel 13 correspondent Amit Cotler paid Mindspace Ahad Ha’am in Tel Aviv a visit. In a TV broadcast about different flex spaces in Israel, Efrat Fenigson – our former CMO – revealed some of the hidden gems inside the Mindspace HQ building. What are some of the perks and amenities companies benefit from nowadays when they join flex offices? 


Overlooking nearby Bauhaus buildings and the landmark Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv, this is the best spot to catch some sun and fresh air. Employees can eat their lunch here or have a relaxing coffee break. And if you’d like to get in shape, functional training, yoga and pilates classes are all hosted up here.

Podcasting Studio

This room was especially popular during COVID when meetings and trainings moved to the virtual realm. Imi Eiron, founder of Israeli branding startup Like A Rainbow, said: “during the pandemic, we were hosting virtual training sessions for our customers from home and our lecturers had to deal with issues such as unstable internet connections and children in the background.” By using Mindspace’s “Hybrid” solution their “lecturers gained access to a fully equipped podcast studio and meticulous surroundings, plus we provided audiences with a much more professional experience.”

“They needed a place where they could make themselves heard, interview people”, explains Fenigson, “so we created an acoustic room.” From recording a podcast to jamming a tune on the guitar, the podcast studio at Mindspace provides the optimal surroundings to be heard loud and clear (without having to worry about disturbing neighboring coworkers).

Tel Aviv podcast studio at Mindspace Ahad Ha’am


Truly designed to expand your mind, the auditorium is a great place to enjoy a professional talk, a seminar or a presentation. Here, participants – whether they’re employees, members or from external companies (we love to host!) – can sit back and get inspired.

Tel Aviv auditorium at Mindspace Ahad Ha’am

Nap Room

“We’re reaching a secret room”, says Fenigson. At first glance, this room may seem like a closet. But this small room, furnished with cozy pillows, is a place where you can find peace and quiet in a coworking space to take a short break and recharge for a productive workday. Channel 13’s Cotler fell in love and said “it’s the most comfortable thing ever.” 

Tel Aviv nap room at Mindspace Ahad Ha’am

Flex Office is Here to Stay

At Mindspace, members can enjoy a variety of amenities. From yoga classes on the roof to weekly happy hours, naps during work day or inspiring workshops, Mindspace provides an ultra-flexible experience in every sense. With a plethora of changing needs for both employers and employees, the flex office emerges at post-pandemic times as a solution that accommodates many different sectors and industries, so the future of flex office space  looks promising. As Cotler put it in the video, “coworking, also in post-Covid times, is here to stay”.

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Adi Weinberger is a Content Marketing Manager at Mindspace.

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