#MemberSpotlight: Transforming work environments across Berlin


1 May, 2023

Berlin, a fascinating mix of old and new and east meets west, has become the center of urban cool in Europe. Whether you’re a history buff or more into the clubbing scene, Berlin is bound to captivate you. As an international hub for businesses, a hotspot for tech startups and with a liberal reputation, Berlin is also a dynamic, trend-setting place. Hence it’s been the perfect launch pad for flex office and coworking spaces.

Mindspace has experienced dramatic growth in Berlin since the opening of our first location called ‘The Q’ on Friedrichstrasse in Berlin Mitte, and with more than five operating locations across Berlin (and two more to open soon), we are proud to be impacting work culture for the people of the city.

Community life at Mindspace

While some people lean towards the ease of having ‘all inclusive’ office management to avoid the hassle associated with paying the bills, fixing the air conditioner and stocking up the fridge, others are drawn towards the sense of community that has become synonymous with Mindspace. Our locations provide a range of interior designs – from high-end luxury through to vintage inspired style, meaning there’s something to suit everyone. Last but not least, in a city that is home to so many world-leading enterprises, innovative SMBs and disruptive startups, an office that offers both flexible growth options, no long term commitment and first class hospitality is an ideal solution for hybrid work and attracting remote workers back into the office.

We spoke to Susanne Kreimer, CEO of Doktor.de, Shane Forster, Country Manager of the DACH region at Reviews.io and Stefan Buchner, CEO of Die Gesundheitsmanager, to hear about their Mindspace experience, and their responses reflect the wide range of advantages of having a flex office with Mindspace.


“The whole service that you want to have in an office, is just taken care of by Mindspace”

Susanne Kreimer, CEO of Doktor.de at Mindspace Zimmerstrasse


“The biggest way that Mindspace helped us is the flexibility”

Shane Forster, Country Manager, DACH region at Reviews.io at Mindspace Skalitzer 


“Ich habe eine sehr flexible Kostenstruktur”

Stefan Buchner, CEO of Die Gesundsheitmanager based at Mindspace Krausenstrasse

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