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#MemberSpotlight – Social Media Trends and Challenges in 2024

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29 June, 2022

Guest author: Karolina Kornacka, Head of Content and Social Media at Kamikaze Altavia Group; Kamikaze is a member at Mindspace Koszyki in Warsaw

The year 2022 has been very interesting in terms of social media trends and challenges. For World Social Media Day, celebrated this year on June 30th, we would like to share with you some insights about what we’ve seen and what to expect on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok in 2023.

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Here are five social media trends that you should pay attention to in 2023:

Short Form Video Content: TikTok or Instagram Reels

Social media has been dominated by video content. TikTok is triumphing, and its popularity is growing by the month. It’s estimated that by the end of 2022, TikTok will have 1.5 billion users globally. Instagram, aware of the competitor’s results, is betting on Reels and supporting them with its algorithm.

We’ve been observing this trend since the beginning of the year, and accordingly have been stressing to our clients the fact that video is on the rise and static posts are losing momentum – something you need to be prepared for as early as the content production stage.

Portrait or Landscape Social Media Content?

It’s also important to note that the vertical is the king. Not only videos, but also photos will be published in 9:16 format, as announced by Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram. Although this option appeared on selected accounts and then disappeared after a few days, we expect that posts in the format that takes up most of our smartphone screen are here to stay.

Influencers and Authenticity

One of the biggest challenges this year is authentic influencer marketing. For instance, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in Poland has introduced increased controls to tidy up the issue and implement full disclosure of the nature of influencer collaborations in social media.

What’s more, the right choice of influencers for a campaign is now of utmost importance. This is due to the fact that the recipients are increasingly focused on communication with a mission, and are sensitive to widely understood deception. As a result, the brands that have the upper hand are the authentic ones, representing certain values with which the consumers identify. Those that are suspected of greenwashing, for example, are losing.

Social Commerce: Shoppable Video Content

Social commerce will also be a challenge this year. There is no doubt that social media sells; platform creators are aware of that, and work continuously on new functionalities supporting online sales. In this case, the challenge for marketers is to build a community around the brand, reach potential customers and keep them on the brand’s profile, as well as arouse their interest in shopping.

This connects directly to the above mentioned topic of authenticity, and to trends such as the favoritism of video content. Brands that reconcile all of these aspects can expect greater success. Keep in mind, however, that social media is changing so dynamically that nothing can be taken for granted. But that’s where the fun is!


Last but not least, the end of last year’s talk was all about Meta, the new reality that Mark Zuckerberg aspires to create for us. However, we are in the middle of 2022 and so far we have not seen any significant changes on this project, which means that we’ll have to wait a little longer for the metaverse. Would it be worth it? Only time will tell.

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Kamikaze Altavia Group is a digital marketing agency operating in CEE. Since 2006 they plan, design and put into practice e-marketing campaigns for remarkable international and domestic brands. They focus on good design and best use of technology.

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