#MemberSpotlight – Why Video Is a Great Marketing Tool For Small Businesses

Sandra Winkler

27 January, 2021

Company name: Faces of Munich
Industry: Marketing
We’re talking with: Nicoleta Danu, Founder
Mindspace location: Mindspace Stachus, Munich

1. You moved from corporate finance to video marketing – two very different topics. How did that shift happen?

I have a strong financial background. I am a number’s person, but also a people’s person. I worked for many years as a financial controller, in audit and project management for Big Four companies and international groups. The change to video marketing happened due to a personal transformation which started in 2016. Back then, I started questioning my life and asked myself what my values are. I was looking for purpose in life. I was reading tons of books on personal development and started working with a coach. Due to my intercultural background and my international experience, I knew immediately that I wanted to keep working with different people. The idea with video marketing came later on with my project FacesOfMunich.

2. How did you come up with the idea for FacesOfMunich?

The idea of FacesOfMunich came to me while listening to the audiobook: “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz.

I thought about how to increase visibility and attention in the social networks for digital starters and FacesOfMunich was born – which does just that through professional, tailored and affordable video. Then Campaign300 became a part of it: The goal is to connect 300 companies, mostly solopreneurs, small companies, self-employed people through an exclusive business network. Since spots are limited to 300, interested people need to apply, and when they are a fit, we create a high-quality video clip, and provide access to the network with exclusive events.  

The connection is real and creates exponential growth for my customers.

why video is a great marketing tool

3. Why do you recommend video marketing to smaller companies and entrepreneurs?

When you are looking for specific information on a topic, you search on Google or Youtube. Video is not just a compelling tool for learning and training. It is also an amazing marketing tool to advertise yourself and your business, and one of social media trends on the rise. Globally, YouTube has over 1.9 billion users, and the daily duration of video playback is 1 billion hours. Equally impressive: 400 hours of video are uploaded every minute. This shows the potential that YouTube has.

And what a big surprise: YouTube belongs to Google, and YouTube channels are positioned a bit better in Google search. Using YouTube gives you the chance to be at the forefront of very popular search phrases and influences your SEO-performance.

Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs shy away from using video, perhaps because it is easier to write a post on Facebook or a blog post rather than planning and producing a video. Your customers and followers will love it when you start using video. Video is an amazingly popular and widely-consumed tool. With video you dramatically reduce customer calls or enquiries related to your products and services because customers can find this useful information in your pre-recorded explanation videos. You can use video to build a ‘knowledge base’ which allows your customers to self-serve and answer their own questions. Studies have found that customers prefer video knowledge bases over all other self-service channels. YouTube has not become the most popular platform in the world by accident!

4. What are the main reasons why small companies should use video?

Video is a powerful learning tool – People learn in different ways. Some of us remember visual elements, some absorb auditory information better, while others rely easier on movement to help them store information. Video is a fantastic tool because it combines all three of these different elements.

You can use video to explain anything. It’s an incredibly versatile tool, which covers animation, live action, interactive, screen recording, and more. The scope of video usage is unlimited! What is very important is that you can equally play out behaviours and cultural values, demonstrating these in a slick, professional and engaging way. 

You can always rewatch a video, which delivers the same information, repeatedly and consistently as you rewatch. This has an amazing long-term side effect for your business – your investment in learning, training and development will persist. 

5.   What are your top 3 tips for better video marketing?

Develop and establish a solid video strategy. Ask yourself: What is your concept? What are your goals with video? Analyze your customers first, and then use video to communicate with them. In order to develop a concept for a video that stands out from the crowd, ask yourself what makes a really good video. A big budget is not always the answer. It is the structure, the plan and the right concept. Another decisive factor for success is the personality of the main actor. Videos that work well are usually funny, useful, interesting, emotionally appealing to viewers, or they are just so weird that they just have to be shared.  

Use the broad reach of video opportunities to raise more awareness on your brand. Just some examples:

  • Interviews with customers, experts, opinion leaders or influencer
  • Insights into production 
  • Introduce your employees in your company 

There are many more topics that can be captured in the video. Think about what suits your company best and how it can be implemented.

6. You often shoot your videos at Mindspace. What is your tip for choosing the best shooting location?

I love shooting my videos at Mindspace because it’s an amazing location. At Stachus every floor is designed differently. I choose the perfect spot that underlines my customer’s personality and message.

7. What’s the most surprising fact about you as a person?

I am very perseverant and a fighter, I never give up. Everybody who knows me, is aware of that. Recently, I discovered spirituality for myself. I am meditating and believe in the power of the universe and on the law of attraction. Funny story: Everybody knows that finding an apartment in Munich is really difficult, almost like winning the lottery. I told my friends that by December 15th, I will have an apartment. They all thought I was crazy. I made that wish and let it fly. I looked at one apartment that was in my area and price range – and I got it! 

Nicoleta Danu, the founder of FacesOfMunich

8. Corona has impacted all our lives. Is there anything this unique situation has taught you?

This crisis is different from other crises, because it is international. It affects all of us globally like climate change, and I really hope that this crisis connects us, the people, more. 

For me personally, I’ve learned to see opportunities and chances, maybe challenges, but never problems.

9. What inspires you most at Mindspace?

The amazing locations. At Mindspace in Munich you really feel the great atmosphere and you can tell that every location is designed with love and love for details. There is a great mix of people here: from small businesses, like me, up to bigger, established companies. I’ve already made some friends and have met amazing and inspiring people who now are more like my sparring partners. And of course, the employees because they always have an open ear for us customers and make us feel comfortable here. Even during this difficult situation, they are here for us doing an amazing job.

10. Which one is your favorite spot at Mindspace?

I have many favourite spots at Mindspace but two of them are: The phone booth (When I want to be alone, sorting thoughts then I go to a phone booth) and the event space at Stachus because it’s an inspiring spot. There I film for FacesofMunich “The Inspiring Talks”. This format puts my guests in a perfect spotlight when it comes to their personality and their business.

11. Which three words do you associate with Mindspace?

Freedom, people, future.


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