Traditional vs. Flex-Office: Amsterdam, Private Office, 5 People for 1 Year [Infographic]

Dana Ilovich

27 August, 2020

We’ve developed the Flex-office calculator to help people and companies easily compare the cost of a traditional office lease versus a flexible office solution and have the data to make an informed decision. 

In the case below we’ve compared between a traditional office for 5 people in Amsterdam for 1 year, to a flex office under the same requirements:

How does it work?

  • Enter your office needs – simply answer 3 questions about the location you are looking for, how many workstations you will need, and the duration of the lease.
  • See the cost comparison – get immediate high-level results, including set up and operational costs.
  • Get a detailed report – based on the data you selected, a detailed report, compiled by our real estate experts, will wait in your inbox.

Try the calculator now>>

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Dana is Mindspace's Director of Marketing, and a seasoned Marketing executive, with over 14 years’ experience running integrated marketing programs that result in increased brand reach, engagement, and revenue.

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