Woof! Meet Mindspace’s Supermodel Dogs.


24 January, 2023

We’re not just a dog-friendly office at Mindspace. We’re slightly dog mad. Our mission is to create an inspiring work environment for our member community – and when they bring their dogs to work it boosts morale, creates work-life balance and fosters productivity. As it’s kind of impossible to pass a cute dog without patting it – our office dogs often lead to new friendships and work collaborations. To celebrate our furry friends, our Mindspace team in Munich decided to give them a fun experience called ‘PetGlam’, a photo shoot held across three of our locations in the Bavarian Capital…complete with pet styling and yummy treats.

“Our goal is to create the best office environment for our members and they are always welcome to bring their dogs into work.” said Catherine Pierce, our Mindspace Community Manager who led the PetGlam initiative. “As advocates of a flexible organizational culture, we believe that offering a pet friendly environment can lower stress, improve communication and strengthen social cohesion. Simply put, having dogs around helps create happy vibes at work… and so we wanted to celebrate our furry friends with a fun photo-shoot’.”

As they puckered up for the camera – we captured these special moments showing that, as the old saying goes, dogs really are a human’s best friend.

Meet sweet Asia and Mom Natalie from Data Robot:

Meet graceful Ayla and Mom Maria from Gympass:

Meet gentle Gatsby and his Dad Eike from Byterunner GmbH &Co KG:

Meet playful Balu and Mom Catherine from Mindspace.

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