#MemberSpotlight – The Story of Exxeta in Munich

Dana Ilovich

2 November, 2019

Exxeta, a global IT and business consulting firm, decided to open up a new branch in Munich. For that, they needed an office. Like many companies in the process of developing a new site for a remote team, they had to decide whether they were going to open up their own office or join a coworking space. We spoke with Alexander Stojic, Senior Manager at EXXETA AG, who was responsible for setting up their local office in Munich, to hear more about their story.

What were some of the main challenges you faced when looking for your new office space in Munich?

First of all, we wanted to be able to open up our new office and start work immediately, to “hit the ground running.” Secondly, since forecasting precise growth at the site would be difficult, we needed the flexibility to be able to grow in our space since we were planning to expand the team in the upcoming year. And finally, we operate within a sector where hiring top IT talent is extremely competitive, so we knew we needed a prime, attractive location that would help with recruitment.

Because of these factors — our tight timeframe, the importance of the right office environment for our new site, and our need for flexible growth, we decided that coworking was going to the best solution for us in Munich.

Once we determined that, we needed to decide which coworking space to go with. We knew that we wanted a global, reliable brand instead of a small local provider since we operate in a competitive market and it’s very important that we have the highest levels of professional standards to help host clients and attract talent. So, we narrowed the field to two options: Mindspace and WeWork.

What criteria did you set to make your decision about which coworking provider to select?

We had three major considerations that we took into account while making our decision:
  1. Location — the coworking space had to be in a central location, easily accessible by public transportation
  2. Services — the provider had to be top-notch and professional to make sure that our employees would be well taken care of
  3. Atmosphere — the space had to have high-quality furnishings that would suit our team and reflect our brand image

Based on these criteria, we decided to go with Mindspace.

Why did you choose Mindspace

We opted for a private office at Mindspace because we felt that they provided our team with the best professional services and that it would be the right place for us to grow easily.

What are the main benefits you’ve seen from being in Mindspace?

One of the best things was that we were able to move into our space immediately and get straight to work. Also, when we needed to grow as our business expanded, it was quite easy — we did it flexibly and with no added real estate costs. The team went from 3 workstations to 12 workstations in eight months, and we enjoyed a smooth, easy transition as we grew.

Another major benefit we gained was an excellent employee experience. Since we were opening a new market at a new site, a top concern was how our employees were feeling as we built momentum. We were constantly asking ourselves, “how’s the mood?” With the Mindspace experience, our employees were well taken care of, and we felt that we were part of a lively professional community. The different events, happy hours, benefits and perks contributed greatly, as did the onsite Community Manager, whom we also call the “Feel Good Manager.”

We felt the team was free to focus on building the business and to work on innovative projects, while Mindspace took care of everything related to our workspace and services — the IT, facilities, operations, and the welcome desk, etc. — all these things are taken care of seamlessly by Mindspace.

The answer to our question of how’s the mood? Excellent.


About Exxeta AG

EXXETA stands for the unique combination of business and IT with a focus on the automotive, energy and financial services sectors. As an independent and medium-sized technology and consulting company, they offer holistic, innovative solutions — from specialist and IT consulting through in-house developed software products to the conception and implementation of forward-looking strategies and new business models. Founded in 2005, Exxeta is a global company with locations in Europe and the US. For an example of a project led by Exxeta, see the Pay As You Drive Insurance app developed for Mercedes Benz.

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