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5 February, 2023

The opening of Mindspace Park Ofer East introduces a new world of high-end flexible office space to the Petah Tikva area in Central Israel. Meaning ‘Valley of Hope’, Petah Tikva is a suburb outside the city of Tel Aviv, and a popular place for high-tech workers, families and young professionals to live. 

One of the first companies in the area to offer such a large and luxurious area of flex office space, Mindspace Park Ofer East gives local workers the opportunity to skip the commute into Tel Aviv, and work from a creative and convenient hub closer to home.

Mindspace Park Ofer East satisfies the demand the industry is seeing for more flexible workspaces in new buildings, and offers the option for companies to expand with the flexibility to grow or change their space requirements. This beautifully designed workplace services the large community of high-tech workers that live in this area and provides a hub for companies that are looking to grow, to move away from the traffic jams of  the centre of the city and to offer their employees top-level benefits and amenities, without the hassle. 

An increasing number of enterprise companies are exploring ways to empower their employees to be more creative and less-stressed at work. The solutions range from the physical office location – areas that are closer to home and more accessible – to design that fosters collaboration and community, with cozy communal areas and plenty of kitchens and coffee machines, right through to more flexible working structures such as hybrid and hot-desking. Out of town workplace solutions are part of a winning strategy for employees to gain convenient access to a high-end office environment and a professional community to collaborate with, while also readdressing their work-life balance. It also impacts productivity, as employees can invest more time in work without a long commute into the city.

Here are 5 ways that Mindspace Park Ofer East will make your life so much easier:

  1. Great coffee, made for you, all day long.

Let’s start with the most important aspect of the working day….the coffee! No need to stop off at Starbucks on your way to work. Offering delicious ground coffee, our in-house barista is a popular meeting point for connecting and socializing with other community members.

  1. Get the car cleaned!

If you work at Mindspace Park Ofer East, you’ll never have to make another journey to the car wash again. Located underneath the building, you can pick up your squeaky clean and shiny vehicle from the carwash as you finish your workday.

  1. Just a trim please!

Within the building complex lies a barbershop. Use your lunch hour to pop in and get the latest crew cut or your beard trimmed. (Guys only sorry!). 

  1. Easy to get to and no need to search for parking

Based in Park Ofer East at Kiryat Arie and with plenty of free parking, the location offers excellent public transport links and easy access via Highway 4 for commuters.  

  1. Add 2 hours more fun to your day

That’s right. The average time it takes to commute into central Tel Aviv from outside of the city is around an hour – whether that’s by car, train or bus. If you and your team choose to work from Park Ofer East instead – you’ll be able to add more play time into each day.



Spread over two floors and boasting plenty of natural light, Mindspace Park Ofer East features luxury interiors such as marble floors, custom furniture and locally inspired artwork. Combining high-tech innovation with beautiful boutique design, companies of all sizes can enjoy this new, inspiring and collaborative work environment.

To learn more about the facilities and flex office space at Mindspace Park Ofer East you can visit our location page here, or contact our Mindspace team directly to discuss further. 






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