Traditional vs. Flex-Office: Berlin, Private Office, 4 People for 1 Year [Infographic]

Dana Ilovich

27 August, 2020

We’ve developed the Flex-office calculator to help people and companies easily compare the cost of a traditional office lease versus a flexible office solution and have the data to make an informed decision. 

In the case below we’ve compared between a traditional office for 4 people in Berlin for 1 year, to a flex office under the same requirements:

How does it work?

  • Enter your office needs – simply answer 3 questions about the location you are looking for, how many workstations you will need, and the duration of the lease.
  • See the cost comparison – get immediate high-level results, including set up and operational costs.
  • Get a detailed report – based on the data you selected, a detailed report, compiled by our real estate experts, will wait in your inbox.

Try the calculator now>>

If you’re looking for flexible office solutions in Berlin, Mindspace offers many options. With a variety of coworking spaces and offices to rent, Ku’damm can offer the perfect combination of flexibility and affordability.  Start exploring your options today and discover the benefits of flex workspaces Ku’damm.

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Dana is Mindspace's Director of Marketing, and a seasoned Marketing executive, with over 14 years’ experience running integrated marketing programs that result in increased brand reach, engagement, and revenue.

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