New visual campaign for your next inspiring flex office space - a man and a woman working from a hotdesk

New campaign for your most inspiring office [Watch]


26 June, 2023

Work can be such a snooze sometimes. Have you ever fallen asleep in a boring office, surrounded by reports to be filed? Or do you doze off on your regular, long commute to work? Well, your workspace can be different! Mindspace recently launched a new visual campaign to show what the workplace of your dreams could look like.

inspiring campaign for an inspiring office at Mindspace - diverse employees enjoying the office

We want to provide our members with an office where they can think big, grow beyond their wildest dreams, and get inspired and innovative. To get this message across, we teamed up with Poland-based Rebell Studio to produce a creative video and run a fun photoshoot.


Watch our new campaign video:

We had a chat with Chen Mizrach, Mindspace Creative Director, and asked how this campaign echoes Mindspace’s spirit?

“The whole artistic vibe was kind of dreamy, quirky and funny. Instead of showing again how beautiful our offices are, we wanted to show how – no matter what kind of a business professional you are, be it a creative person, or a product manager, for example – being at Mindspace will inspire you to create better ideas.

״The concept shows people falling asleep in various locations – whether on the road or in a plane office –  and waking up in a perfect, dream office at Mindspace. It’s about showing that your day-to-day routine doesn’t have to be boring.”

Perhaps your job is not about planning the “duck revolution”, and your barista does not serve you coffee on skates like in the video, but this is the feeling we would like to give our members – a surrealistic atmosphere that helps everyone’s creative juices flow. And indeed, take one look at one of Mindspace’s locations – such as our office space for rent in Warsaw, Tel Aviv, Berlin or New York –  and you’ll find a boutique design that is all about inspiration.

Marcin Mikulski, the Campaign Director, represented by Bluebird Artist Management, describes in the behind the scenes video:

“Our idea is to show that Mindspace is like a place from [your] dreams. Our protagonists are falling asleep in the beginning, and then they wake up in this new abstract place, which is beautiful, and this is like a symbol of Mindspace.”

Ela Martin, Founder and Strategy Director of Rebell Studio, adds “it’s the space of your dreams.”


Watch the behind the scenes video:

Moreover, the campaign shows that we’re not just about work, but also about play – specifically employee wellbeing. “The employees in the campaign aren’t only discovering this dream-like office, but also the perks and amenities that Mindspace has to offer,” Mindspace’s Chen continues. “You can see all of our services like yoga, great coffee and events, along with just having a more pleasant time at work.”

Mindspace flex office offers wellness amenities - woman working and doing yoga

We also asked Chen what it was like working with Rebell Studio?

“After we saw Rebell’s presentations and ideas, we immediately clicked and decided to go for it. When I got to the shooting set, I saw firsthand how serious they are. It was just an amazing production with a great team that made us feel very welcomed- great people, great atmosphere and super professional work.”

“The Mindspace team and company culture is unique,” says Rebell’s Ela about working together.  “In previous collaborations, I had never felt so much trust right from the start as I did with Mindspace. The best part is that thanks to Mindspace we also learned so much. Such a partnership is the dream client-agency relationship. The campaign we produced together will stay in our memory and portfolio for a long time. I hope this is just the beginning of many great projects we will embark upon together.”

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