Then and now: The stories behind the buildings of Mindspace in Berlin


19 June, 2023

We like to create flex offices that inspire people to think outside of the box, collaborate more effectively and, ultimately, feel excited to come to work. We don’t just choose prime locations that offer great public transport links, we carefully select locations that ooze personality.

In the past few years we have experienced phenomenal growth in Berlin – a city that is steeped in history, and also a world-leader in innovation. Many of our Mindspace locations across Berlin are in historical buildings with fascinating stories behind them that help create a magical ambiance for our members.

Scroll down below to reveal the surprising past of each building, before it was transformed into modern Mindspace offices.

The architectural wonder of Mindspace Münzstraße (Opening in August 2023)

The office building on Max-Beer-Strasse, at the corner of Münzstraße in Berlin-Mitte, was built between 1909-1910 as a commercial building by architect Albert Wehe for the Neue Berlinische Baugesellschaft. It later became a place bustling with journalists, when it housed the Hamburger Fremdenblatt newspaper. To this day the building is a designated architectural monument and is currently being renovated and re-designed for the opening of Mindspace’s 6th location in August 2023.

Party on at Mindspace Ku’damm

Our newest location to open is at the prestigious FÜRST building in Ku’damm. This is where partying has been big since the 70s – when numerous clubs and bars were located here back then. Today the slick flex office space offers a large event space and gorgeous rooftop and we regularly host parties, events and large-scale functions. 

New fashion trends at Mindspace Hausvogteiplatz

Due to open in January 2024, Mindspace Hausvogteiplatz is located in the beautifully renovated historic townhouse “Haus zur Berolina’’, which was the city’s original address for fashion. Here you could find various ready-to-wear and textile stores and even a silk factory. There is currently talk to transform the site into a center for sustainable fashion. Either way, Mindspace is making sure co-working and flex offices are the most fashionable mode of work for leading companies in the area.

A timeless classic at Mindspace Krausenstraße

Built in 1909, the distinguished facade of the former Gartz commercial building on Krausenstraße in Berlin Mitte dates back to the architecture of the 1800s. The former newspaper district was originally home to notable German media outlets – the Hamburger Fremdenblatt and the Münchener Neuesten Nachrichten. Today, however, Mindspace Krausenstraße tells a different story, as startups and high-tech companies gather here to invent the future.

The former paper factory at Mindspace Skalitzer 

In 1895, postcards, stationery and other paper products were produced in the luxury paper factory of Littauer & Boysen, located in Skalitzer Straße 104. In a nod to its past, there are plenty of bookshelves and vintage memorabilia featured in the design at Mindspace Skalitzer. Our members however, are digital companies working in a paperless environment.

A royal hotspot at Mindspace Friedrichstraße

A gem in the heart of Berlin Mitte, our members at Mindspace Friedrichstraße are in great company. Friedrichstrasse has long been the most important business street in Berlin and is currently a hotspot for hundreds of top German and multi-national companies. The dead-straight street once served as a marching road for former Kings including King Frederick William 1 (1688) and Frederick William 1 (1713) and in the 1950s it was a famous cinema where Berlin residents hung out with friends and watched black and white movies. Even today, as one of our largest co-working spaces in Berlin, our community management still host movie nights here.

A place for self-expression at Mindspace Zimmerstraße

Mindspace Zimmerstrasse, our Mindspace location making waves in the Berlin Mitte for its outstanding design, has a surprising history. It was once a newspaper district full of liberal-minded publishers, film companies, agencies and paper merchants. In addition, the building itself used to be home to a former gay club for women.

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