10 Cool Places to Hangout Near Mindspace Ahad Ha’am (Tel Aviv)


12 December, 2022

When you arrive at our flagship office on Ahad Ha’am Street in the heart of Tel Aviv, you’re warmly greeted by a trio of friendly Community Managers. Yarden Magoz, Nicole Vishnevetsky and Amy Nicole Simmonds are responsible for all the operational and welfare needs of our members at Ahad Ha’am. Whether it’s making sure the air conditioning is working, or managing the busy schedule of events and classes, these three have it covered.

It’s an important role that entails far more than taking the weight off our members’ shoulders. They are fully dedicated to helping cultivate the lifestyle that has become synonymous with the Mindspace employee experience. They take pride in being the point of contact for our local Mindspace community, and are full of insider tips for how to work hard and play hard at Mindspace Ahad Ha’am, and make the most of its unbeatable downtown location.

From left: Our Community Manager superstars – Amy, Yarden and Nicole.

Here are their 10 hotspot recommendations – many of which lie within 100 metres from our building.

1. Where can you find the best coffee? TeraAlta is perfect for the coffee connoisseur and it’s literally right underneath our office and satellite office. The free flowing coffee here at Mindspace is pretty good too!

2. Best place to grab a spot of lunch? Less than 100 meters from our office lies the famous Cafe Noir restaurant. It’s a  high-end dining experience with a romantic European vibe.

Image by Haim Yosef

3. Best place to hold a brainstorm? The beautiful rooftop here at Mindspace Ahad Ha’am. There’s a great view of the city and the beach.

4. Best place to go on a date? La Repubblica. It’s a trendy Italian restaurant that’s only 200 meters away and never disappoints.

5. Best place to meditate? Definitely the beach. It’s a 5 minute walk from our furnished office.

6. Where can you immerse yourself in art?  We’d recommend Neve Zedek, as it’s just a short walk away from our creative workspace. It’s charming and there are plenty of different boutique art galleries and shops to explore. There’s also some really edgy street graffiti in the streets near to the office too.

7. To flex some muscle, where’s the best place to workout? Our own gym at Mindspace Ahad Ha’am. It’s got everything you need for strength training and cardio work.

8. For a quick sweet fix? Amy recommends Tamara for “froyo”, Yarden would choose Delicatessen ”everytime” and Nicole sends members to Golda on nearby Rothschild Boulevard for ice-cream.


9. Where to go for some ‘me time’? The nearby Park Hamesila is a great place to gather your thoughts and unwind.

10. After work drinks? We start here in the Social Club, which is literally downstairs and has a great atmosphere. We normally then head to Phi Garden, which is hipster paradise.

However, if you don’t want to leave the office, there really is no need. One of the favorite parts of their job is planning social events and happy hours at Mindspace. Our meeting rooms are great for this. This includes the now infamous Halloween, Movember and Summer parties (to name just a few!). One thing is for sure, there’s never a dull moment with these three around.



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