Rethinking Your Office Choice? Make a Calculated Decision

Efrat Fenigson

27 August, 2020

Easily compare the cost of a traditional office lease versus a flexible office solution and have the data to make an informed decision.

Today, many companies are still trying to figure out what is the right work model for them, considering flexible spaces vs conventional office leasing. Working from home is proving to be unsustainable over time, as employees find it harder and harder to collaborate remotely,  face to face interactions are missed and productivity is impacted. So, is flexible space in demand and are flexible work spaces the future of work? Absolutely. Companies can choose to adopt a hybrid work model– both for individuals and teams, by using flexible offices. The flex office solution provides the agility needed for companies to reduce office expenditure, optimize their space consumption and invest the office real estate savings in sustaining or growing the business. 

The flex office benefits are simple:

  • Short-term lease commitment that substantially reduces your initial out-of pocket expenses
  • All operating costs are included (IT, reception, kitchens etc;) 
  • Fast and easy way for teams to collaborate both in person and digitally.

Use the flex office calculator by inputting your desired office location, number of people and duration of lease and get an immediate cost comparison table:


How does it work?

  • Input your office needs – simply answer 3 questions about the location you are looking for, how many workstations you will need and the duration of the lease.
  • See the cost comparison – get immediate high-level results, including set up and operational costs.
  • Get a detailed report – based on the data you selected, a detailed report, compiled by our real estate experts, will wait in your inbox.

Would you like to learn more? Here are articles on what hot desking is, the disadvantages and advantages of a flexible work space, and the future of the flex work space to help you make a choice.

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