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Personal Branding to Future-Proof Your Career

Oliver Aust

27 May, 2022

Today, mastering communications is not simply a matter of adding another string to your bow. Communication has become a fundamental or hard skill not just for communicators, but also for CEOs, executives, and anyone with ambition. To transform your career in a crisis, you need to communicate with clarity and impact — this starts with building your personal brand.

On the webinar “Personal Branding to Future-Proof Your Career”, hosted by VIRTUAL by Mindspace, we discussed the benefits of a great personal brand are innumerable. It helps you make more money, get more clients, and ultimately to future-proof your career to share your unique voice with the world and become a magnet for the right opportunities.

I experienced this firsthand when I founded my own consultancy ten years ago. By building my personal brand as a trusted advisor, I was able to eventually get big-name clients and start building my own company. So, what are my best secrets for building a successful personal brand?

future proofing your career with personal branding

Building a successful personal brand


Be 100% clear why you are building a personal brand, e.g. financial security or making a difference in the world. What is the ONE thing you want to be known for? Focus all your energy on it. If you confuse, you lose.


Develop a strategy that works for you, not against you. This includes your story, messages, and overall approach. A lot of advice out there doesn’t work because it is one-size-fits-all. Play to your strengths, be personal, and be yourself.


Chose the right tactics to fulfill your mission. Is it LinkedIn, Instagram, your own podcast, or public speaking? Be selective: better to be great on one than ok on three channels.


Have a smart plan for execution and stick to it. Use a weekly editorial calendar and a fixed time slot every day to build your brand for maximum effectiveness.

Remember: When building a personal brand, consistency is key. Keep going and you will be surprised by just how much you can achieve.

About Oliver:

OLIVER AUST is the CEO and founder of Eo Ipso Communications and the author of two books on CEO communications. Oliver helps high-profile individuals and organizations bring their reputation to the next level so that they can build future-proof businesses. Throughout his career, he has frequently been at the frontline of some of the most high-profile reputational challenges in Europe.

His latest book, Mastering Communications, is now available in paperback on Amazon. Get a free digital copy at Connect with Oliver on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram @oliveraust_

About the author

Oliver Aust is the founder and CEO of Eo Ipso Communications. Oliver has 20 years’ experience in corporate communications and public affairs, gained in senior positions in London, Brussels, and Berlin. He has long-standing experience in advising C-level executives and senior communicators of global blue-chip companies and political organizations in all areas of reputation management.

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