business plans for your company

How to Write a Business Plan for your Company

Dari Shechter

20 March, 2023

Companies need to create a business plan in order to outline their vision, strategy, goals and how they intend to achieve them. It is a written roadmap for the company, summarizing plans for its operations and growth. In this article, we will explore the importance of writing a business plan, review some examples, and provide you with a business plan outline so that you can get started on your own business plan.

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starting a business with no money

A Guide to Starting a Profitable Business with No Money


20 February, 2023

We often read about startups raising tens of millions of dollars from venture capital firms to fuel their early-stage growth. But not all businesses require startup capital to get off the ground. In fact, there are plenty of ways to forge your path as an entrepreneur without a single penny to your name. That’s not to say it won’t be challenging, but it is possible – and if you have all the right ingredients and a savvy go-to-market strategy, then you can still reach the dizzying heights of success without any capital injection.

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10 Cool Places to Hangout Near Mindspace Ahad Ha'am (Tel Aviv)


12 December, 2022

Our trio of Community Managers at our flagship building in Ahad Ha'am are fully dedicated to helping cultivate the lifestyle that has become synonymous with the Mindspace employee experience. They take pride in being the point of contact for our local Mindspace community, and are full of tips for how to work hard and play hard at Mindspace Ahad Ha'am, and make the most of its unbeatable downtown location. 

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Coworking productivity and Focus

Coworking Space: 8 Tips that Boost your Productivity & Focus


24 November, 2022

There’s no doubt about it, the energy and buzz of a coworking office is contagious. The boost of stimulation, collaboration and creativity you experience is better than a double espresso.

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The four best places to hang out in Shoreditch

Joseph Glenny

14 November, 2022

Where innovation meets diversity, Shoreditch is one of London's most eclectic and dynamic neighborhoods. With no shortage of restaurants and bars to choose from, Joseph Glenny, our Community Manager at Mindspace Shoreditch, gives us the low down on his favorite places to grab a bite to eat or mingle over afterwork drinks.

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Mindspace Wanamaker in Philadelphia has a fully-equipped shared kitchen and a beautiful open space

#MemberSpotlight - A Day in the Life of a Mindspace Member in Philadelphia

Mindspace Member

18 May, 2022

What is it like to get up in the morning and go into the office at Mindspace Wanamaker? Our member Emily Hauser of Straker Translations shares her typical workday at her office space in Philadelphia. Learn about her Mindspace experience, and find out what’s so great about working flex in Philly.

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San Francisco Market Street

5 Best Lunch Spots Around Market Street, San Francisco

Jack Elder

4 May, 2022

It’s no secret that lunch is one of the most important parts of the workday, as well as a great office conversation starter. Jack Elder, Senior Community Manager at Mindspace San Francisco, shares his recommendations for some delicious lunch spots around Market Street. Warning: don’t read this on an empty stomach.

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Walk to work in Berlin Mitte with map of Mindspace locations

Walk to Work in Berlin Mitte

Ina Schmitz

29 March, 2022

Walking to work has loads of benefits. And if you live and work in Berlin, the benefits are even greater. Let Mindspace community manager Ina Schmitz walk you through her daily walking route through Berlin Mitte, filled with sightseeing and good vibes. Put on your walking shoes and read.

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The London Office Market One Year On

Danny Babington

24 June, 2021

What changes are we noticing from the occupiers' demands compared to that of a year ago? As lockdowns are phasing out, what market trends are taking shape? And finally, how do we see the London office market adapting to these demands? Listen to this podcast led by Danny Babington with guests Freddie Case and Greg Miley as they answer the above questions and deep-dive into the London commercial real estate market and, more specifically, the flex office market.

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Mindspace Hybrid Utrecht

The Hybrid Workplace: The Best of Both Worlds

Dana Ilovich

13 June, 2021

The hybrid workplace works for both small businesses who don’t need their own office, and for big ones with dispersed staff.

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#MemberSpotlight - The Secret Weapon to Turbocharge Your Career

Emma Hogan

29 November, 2020

Can indoor cycling improve your intellect? Could squats make you more successful? Will weight lifting make you wealthy? Science suggests that if you start working out regularly, you won’t just boost your health and fitness – you’ll make gains at work and in other areas of your life.

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Can’t Touch This: Rethinking the Office in COVID Times

Noga Grinberg

6 October, 2020

The lessons learned from the experience of working from home during COVID-19 offer an unprecedented opportunity to rethink the future of the physical workplace. Workspace designers have an important role to play.

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I Am What I Eat: Healthy Nutrition & Mindful Eating

Elena Cosbuc-Ionescu

27 May, 2020

Now, more than ever, we understand how important our health is. Staying healthy is easy to do when we know what food to avoid and what food to eat every day in order to balance our immune system, get rid of unwanted fat, and boost our vitality.

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Plants in the Office: Why a Little Bit of Green Can Make a Big Difference

Noga Grinberg

30 January, 2020

Think you can’t be bothered to have a plant in the office? Maybe it’s time to rethink that. Plants not only look good, but they can have some real actual impacts on your life in the office. Read on to find out more.

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5 Gorgeous Healthy Winter Lunches for You to Bring to Work

Naama Adler

26 January, 2020

New Year’s has come and gone. And with that, maybe so have some of our resolutions to eat better this year. But it’s not too late! Winter is the perfect time to whip up a simple, healthy, fresh lunch you can take to work.

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New Year, but Greener

Noga Grinberg

13 January, 2020

For the new year, we’ve decided to focus on things we can do, every day, that can make a positive impact on the environment. As a global community, we recognize the collective impact that individual steps can have, all over the world.

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Yoga, Healthy Eating, and Mindfulness Join Forces Under One Roof

Lena Bücker

12 December, 2019

If you appreciate living a healthy lifestyle, eating foods that make you feel good and incorporating mindfulness, yoga, and meditation into your life, then there is a lot you can learn from Jasmin Jeß, our Mindspace Hamburg member and founder of Prana Up Your Life.

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8 Best Lunch Spots Around Friedrichstraße

Maayan Samuni

10 December, 2019

We all know Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg have amazing restaurants on almost every corner, but you’ll be surprised at the great lunch-places Friedrichstraße has to offer.

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Office Lighting Guide: Can it Lead to Brighter Ideas?

Maayan Samuni

28 November, 2019

is incredible to see how much lighting plays a part in our efficiency and creativity at work. As humans, our daily life cycles and metabolisms are closely linked to the light in our environment.

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Leverage the Planet: The Benefits of Working from Different Locations 

Ian Richter

24 November, 2019

Working in different locations has a lot of advantages, and can be a catalyst for progress as we’re constantly presented with inspiration, without having to search for it

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7 Mindfulness Tips to Get You Through the Day 

Maayan Samuni

3 November, 2019

We have all the tools we need, we just don’t use them all the time. By practicing only some small mindfulness exercises throughout the day, you can get your mind to focus on what’s in front of you

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How to Beat the Mid-Work-Day Slump

Naama Adler

31 October, 2019

We’ve all been there: the clock hits 3:30 pm and so begins the long stretch to finish your workday while trying to maintain your productivity. Other than going for your third (or fourth) cup of coffee, here are five ways to boost your energy, refocus your mind, and end your workday on a high.

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Down the Road: Mindspace Amsterdam - Top 5 After Work Drinks 

Sara Martin Mazorra

29 October, 2019

In our “Down The Road” series, we review places of interest and leisure surrounding Mindspace locations, so you can get the most out of the city.

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