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Top 5 Unique and Creative London Meeting Rooms


10 December, 2023

Few cities in the world can match the captivating history, vibrant social scene and hustle and bustle of London, making it one of the most exciting places to do business. As a major global financial hub with a flourishing startup scene, it’s one giant entrepreneurial playground. Figuring out the right place to run your business within the commercial nerve center of Europe can be a daunting task. Managing a business requires hundreds of planning meetings, kick-off meetings, innovation meetings, investor meetings and more. Whether you’re a seasoned corporate executive or a budding entrepreneur, it’s essential to have access to meeting rooms that will impress clients, inspire employees and ink that all important deal.

Where to find our cool meeting rooms in London

Today’s generation of millennials aren’t looking to fork out a fortune for a drab traditional office on Fleet Street or an address in Westminster. The new world of coworking means that you can work in the most desirable neighborhoods all across the city, without the hassle or overheads. However, while great for meeting like-minded professionals, the shared open spaces are less than ideal for those all important board meetings, brainstorming sessions or confidential client pitches. That’s why at Mindspace we’ve built a range of fabulous meeting rooms into our coworking offices in Shoreditch, coworking space in Hammersmith and Old Street coworking. Designed with every business need in mind, from zoom calls and one-on-one meetings, to product launches and team offsites, there’s a meeting room to match every taste and occasion. 

Unique and Creative London Meeting Rooms

At Mindspace, we take design seriously and understand that while meeting rooms need to be functional, they also need to inspire creativity. Our team of architects and interior designers have cleverly merged luxury with comfort to provide modern meeting rooms that you’ll fall in love with. So, from the retro to the swanky, here are our coolest meeting rooms in London.

Our coolest meeting rooms in London

1. Phone booths at Mindspace Old Street

Mindspace phone booths: cool meeting rooms in London

Want to make the most of networking opportunities in the shared coworking spaces, but need to take that all important call in private? This is where our phone booths at Mindspace Old Street come in handy, providing a dedicated sanctuary for uninterrupted and private work. Designed for finding focus, our phone booth style mini rooms are compact and comfortable. They come with a small desk for your laptop, an ergonomic chair, and adjustable lighting. The soundproofing ensures a quiet environment, which is perfect for discussing confidential business matters or sensitive HR issues. Add to that high-speed Wi-Fi and conveniently placed power outlets – and you’re ready to survive one of those never ending zoom calls.

2. Meeting rooms with an artistic flair – Mindspace Hammersmith and Mindspace Shoreditch

cool London meeting room at Mindspaceone of the coolest London meeting rooms at Mindspace

One design touch that is a constant feature throughout our global Mindspace locations is our use of artwork to ignite innovative thinking or set a certain mood. The strategic placement of artwork helps feed creativity, stimulate the imagination and inspire fresh perspectives. We often hire up-and-coming local talent from a multitude of genres to paint murals on walls or to contribute quirky design items – and we love to make bold statements in our meeting rooms. From abstract art to thematic photography, we shoot for avant-garde contributions that add personality and originality.

3. Retro-style lounges 

cool retro meeting room in London

If you’re looking for an alternative vibe to your meeting, then we have several retro-inspired meeting rooms and lounges across the Mindspace coworking locations in London. Blending geometric patterns, neon accents and vintage furniture – these cool meeting spaces ooze nostalgic charm – perfect for those more casual coffee meetings.

4. Elegant meeting rooms – Mindspace Old Street

elegant meeting room at Mindspace in London

Our snazzy meeting rooms at the newly opened Mindspace Old Street offer an elegant and refined environment – ideal for executive meetings and client presentations. The centerpiece is a polished conference table surrounded by plush, ergonomic chairs, inviting collaboration in absolute comfort. The warm ambient lighting and state-of-the-art technology help add a sleek and luxurious finish. 

5. Bright and airy meeting spaces –  Mindspace Shoreditch and Mindspace Hammersmith.

cool bright meeting room at Mindspace Hammersmith in London cool Hammersmith London meeting room

We have several light and airy meeting rooms – but our favorites are at Mindspace Hammersmith and Shoreditch coworking locations. The perfect combination of productivity and tranquility, the natural sunlight streams through large, expansive windows. The rooms have minimalist design, vintage inspired wallpaper and comfortable furnishings. Indicative of many of our meeting rooms, the open and uncluttered environment and the accompanying audiovisual equipment ensure these meeting rooms are popular for presentations, board meetings and brainstorms. 

How much does it cost to hire a meeting room in London at Mindspace?

The beauty of flex offices and coworking in London is that you don’t need to become a member to enjoy access to meeting rooms. We offer a range of meeting rooms at highly competitive prices – available for groups of all sizes, and starting from only £75 per hour. 

What equipment is included in the hire of a London meeting room at Mindspace?

We provide absolutely everything you’ll need for any style of meeting. On hand you’ll have state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, including a high-definition projector or large display screen, and a user-friendly presentation system. Our high-speed Wi-Fi keeps everyone connected, while a whiteboard or flipchart provides a space for visual brainstorming. Additionally, each room is outfitted with video conferencing capabilities, making virtual collaborations effortless. Our first-class hospitality sets us apart from other providers and ensures you have unlimited complimentary hot and cold drinks, and access to a communal kitchen stocked with plenty of snacks. 

What else to keep in mind before renting a meeting room in London?

Accessible location

Whether you’re looking to host a large corporate event in London or a small meeting room, there are a few things to consider before booking. Is the event space in close proximity to your employees? Is it easy to access via public transport? Is there any on-site parking available? All of our London offices are situated within walking distance from the London Underground and also offer on-site bike parking. Situated in West London, Mindspace Hammersmith provides quick and easy access to Heathrow airport, so it is ideal for business travelers. Mindspace Shoreditch is nestled directly behind Liverpool Street Station, right in the heart of the Square Mile, the center of the city’s financial and banking district. For entrepreneurs and startups – our newly opened Mindspace Old Street location lies in an area ​​known as East London Tech City – an epicenter of innovation and entrepreneurial buzz, which is a mere five-minute walk from Old Street Roundabout.

Meeting room size

As obvious as it sounds, if you book the world’s most beautiful meeting room, but it’s not the right size for your team, then you’ll look rather silly. Booking an entire conference room for a one-on-one employee review is unnecessary, whereas squeezing your entire company into a small private meeting room is neither practical nor comfortable. Make sure you fully ascertain the size of the room that you need before you book. 

Comfortable seating

Enduring discomfort during a meeting is a creativity killer. Make sure you book a meeting room that provides ergonomic seats and is optimized for your comfort. 

Catering options

Our hospitality team at each location will work with you to accommodate any catering needs you have. Whether you require an energizing breakfast, buffet lunch or something more elegant, we’ll help arrange it for you via reputable third party caterers. It’s important to check the dietary requirements of your meeting guests in advance to ensure we take allergies and food preferences into consideration. 

For event venues 

Flexibility is at the heart of our coworking mission. We provide adaptable meeting spaces and event venues. Our modular furniture can easily be rearranged to accommodate seating arrangements and event formats. Our versatile room configurations, such as huddle spaces, boardrooms, and open areas, enable us to cater to various meeting sizes and styles.

Reliable venue management team

Through many years of working in the global flex office arena, we understand that meetings can often be that ‘make or break’ opportunity. Our team of on-site managers take great pride in ensuring your entire experience runs smoothly – from booking the right meeting room right through to on-the-day delivery of concierge and catering.

How can I book a meeting room in London?

You can book one of our unique meeting rooms in central London on our Mindspace website in a few simple steps. A member of our hospitality team will get in touch to support you with additional logistical and catering needs, giving you peace of mind and leaving you to focus on nailing the meeting.

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