The True Powers of Flexible Work Hours

While not for everyone, having a flexible schedule that you control is not just convenient.

Written by Ian Richter

1 year ago

With the rise of coworking spaces around the world, and the growth of the startup industry affecting the culture of more traditionally-run companies, flexible work hours – in the office or from home – has become more acceptable and is being recognized as a practice that can improve the performance of entrepreneurs, employees and companies as a whole.

Flexibility is a powerful tool that, if used wisely, can help you reach your goals and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle while doing so.

Here are some of the reasons why…

Personal Time
We all make plans, but modern life seems to have so many responsibilities to throw at us.
The wireless router at home dies; you have family visiting from overseas that you’d love to spend time with; you haven’t paid parking tickets that are collecting interest; oh, and what about some me-time? Having flexible working hours allows you to schedule personal time for family and other obligations.

Smoother Commuting
Traffic and daily rush hours can make commuting a huge waste of time. Flexibility allows you to better manage your commute and aim for the best times to travel to work. And, for tasks that don’t require physical presence in the office, a flexible mindset can lead to an increase in efficiency since certain tasks can be done from home anyway.

A Sense of Control
Having a flexible work schedule offers a sense of control that leaves people feeling better about the work they’re doing.
For entrepreneurs, this mindset is crucial since it creates a sense of independence and responsibility – if you don’t do the work, it simply won’t be done. It’s also been seen that in larger companies, employees experienced a better connection with their work, and an increase in motivation and creativity when allowed to schedule their own working hours.

Avoiding the Dreaded Burnout
We all operate differently. Sometimes, we can be extremely active on the weekend and feel like we need a break in the middle of the week. Other times, we can experience the rush of crunch-time before a deadline and be willing to work solidly for 2 weeks without a real break. Being able to adjust a schedule to meet the dynamics of our energy levels and the demands of our projects is vital to preventing burnout and maintaining passion in our work.

Power to the Night People
If you’re not a morning person, you’ve definitely realized by now that the working world wasn’t created for you. From an employer’s perspective, there’s really no point in having an employee who just passively reads emails and sulkily chain-coffee-drinks for the first 2 hours of the day. Flexible work hours allow us all to shine – to work at our peak times during the day, getting more work done, and at a much higher quality.

If you’re an employer or manager, offering your staff flexibility has a number of additional advantages…

Improved Morale
Employees who create their own work schedules report higher commitment to their companies and are more engaged when working on tasks.

Getting to Work On Time
Employees are more likely to get to work on time and are less likely to skip workdays without prior notice. This is because, from the start, they’ve set the times most convenient for them, and feel a stronger sense of responsibility.

Attracting Top Talent, And Keeping It
By offering flexible work hours, you differentiate your company’s culture from that of your competitors. This will lead you to attract high-quality professionals, and reduce your staff turnover.

Of course, there are business activities that require more rigid scheduling, and certain types of work require physical presence or dependable availability.

It’s important to keep in mind that managers will need to stay organized with regards to their employees’ schedules and to make sure that the needs of the business are met, both in terms of targets and a general sense of order in the company’s operations.

That being said, the numerous advantages of flexible working hours overshadow the disadvantages, and managers who meet the challenges will reap the rewards.


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