Top 6 Most Awesome Offices

Not all work spaces were created equal – some are boring and dull while others can make you want to work everyday for the rest of your life. Mindspace lounges and halls inspired our members to design their own private offices. We’ve compiled a list of 6 of our favorite offices (and some small nuggets of design from each), to show you what happens behind the scenes of some of the awesome companies at Mindspace. 

Written by Noga Grinberg

4 years ago

If you’re going to spend the majority of your waking hours at your office, you should make every effort to make it as happy and pretty as possible. Every Office has a chair and a desk, but not every office have desk accessories, carpets, plants or carpets. Your office dosen’t have to be gray and boring, it can actually be a nice place to spend your time at. Get some fun desk accessories instead of the standard supply, put some plants and pots on your desk instead of leaving it naked. Sometimes it only takes a few small changes to make a big difference.

Take a look at some of our members’ pretty offices and get inspired to turn your office into your happy place.

Something Something

Didi Johnson & Shira Tamary offer creative, social media and visual content services. These two awesome girls made their office one of the most fun places to work at. Something Something is a company that knows the importance of a happy work environment.




Open Space

This guy has a real estate company but his real passion is for these tiny toy cars, submarines, trains what else.




And these guys too…



Hello Heart

Hello heart is a mobile therapeutic for heart risk, but besides saving lives they are serious collectors of pretty stuff. It is hard to decide where to look first – each corner is unique and decorated with something beautiful.





Echoes and Wild Hearts

This absolutely amazing photographer Liron Erel and his talented partner’s office have feathers and macramé pieces hanging from the ceiling, creating one of the most beautiful, playful and relaxing office environments there is.







Ever felt like home in your office? Well the CronSights office offers a set of vibrant colors that create a completely home like fun environment to work in.




Marchio D’oro Studio

Sharona from Marchio D’oro studio does branding for companies worldwide, so there’s no wonder her desk and every little detail around it is so beautifully designed.





Photos by Noa Magger: