The Early Bird vs. The Night Owl: 24 Hours at the Office

We’ve asked two of our Mindspacers - an early bird and a night owl - to show us how a day at the office looks like from their point of view. Here are 24 hours at Mindspace through the eyes of a morning person and a night owl

Written by Noga Grinberg

4 years ago

Whether you’ve got full control on your time management, or you have a 9 to 5 job, you probably know where do you stand on the ‘morning person-night person’ spectrum. If you’re the person who wakes up really early in the morning and is always the first to get to the office, or you’re the one who wakes up in the late morning hours and is always the last one to leave the office.

Lior, CEO of the ‘nuSchool’ is our early bird. He wakes up at 6:00 AM, gets to the office at 6:30 AM and leaves by 8:00 PM. Doron, Senior Software Engineer at ‘Demisto’ is our night owl. He wakes up at 10:00 AM, gets to the office at 10:30 AM and leaves by 3:00 AM. Here’s how their work day looks like.


Did you know?

  • Night People Are More Likely to Develop Bad Habits – Not a surprise considering that nightlife brings drinking and smoking with it.
  • Night People are More Intelligent – This one you probably know. This is the one thing night people are always proud of and morning people hate to admit.
  • Morning People May Be Happier – That’s due to the phenomenon labeled “social jetlag” – What happens to night people who force themselves to wake up early. They try to perform in the early birds world in a sleep loss mode, which is likely to get them down.
  • Morning People Need More Sleep – The sleep that morning people get is better than the night people’s. So, if they don’t get enough, the people surrounding them will surely notice.
  • Early Birds are Healthier Overall – Their early rising tendencies works for them because they are more likely to exercise! Whilst night people tend to depression, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease; Morning people usually symbolize good health.