Talenthouse Discuss the Importance of Networking

Talenthouse, an international platform connecting brands and creators, has arrived in Berlin and moved into the Open-Space at Mindspace Friedrichstrasse. We sat down with Claudia Fischer, the Director of Brand Partnerships and Local Lead of Talenthouse in Germany, to discuss the importance of networking and community when laying the foundations of a successful brand.

Written by Ella Newell

3 years ago

For brands entering a new market, co-working spaces are the ideal environment to establish themselves and introduce their name. That’s why when Claudia was tasked with bringing Talenthouse to the German market, she decided to make Mindspace home. Claudia says she loved the atmosphere, “I felt inspired and I wanted to work here.”

Founded seven years ago in California, Talenthouse is a platform that connects brands with creatives all over the world, and is the catalyst for collaborations. More specifically, brands use the platform to tap into a global pool of creatives who produce unique marketing assets and branded content. Claudia adds, “It’s a win-win situation for brands and creators at the same time.”


Claudia Fischer – Director of Brand Partnerships at Talenthouse

The folks at Talenthouse have been members at Mindspace since April 1st 2017 and have already utilised the networking opportunities of a co-working space. Claudia ran a M4M with Talenthouse and organised a sold-out tour of ‘The Haus’, a temporary art gallery Talenthouse has helped produce in Berlin. “Networking is definitely key for developing new brand partnerships and creating buzz,” says Claudia. But it’s not just these organised events that are beneficial in making connections. Simple chats at the coffee-machine can be the start of something beautiful, too. Claudia explains that she met a Volkswagen contact at a Mindspace drinks event, which kick-started a conversation between the two companies.

Before Mindspace, Claudia was working mostly from home, but when the team in Berlin was expanding, it was time to get a dedicated office space. “I came in (to Mindspace) and it felt like home straightaway – I think it’s like choosing your apartment as well,” Claudia explains. As well as the homely feel, Mindspace offered the perfect environment to meet new people, “connecting with people is why I chose Mindspace in the first place.”

For Talenthouse, who use a B2B marketing model, billboards and sponsored instagram ads are not the best form of communication. Networking, attending conferences and participating in industry events are the optimal ways to spread the word about the Talenthouse. After all, the concept behind Talenthouse is to form a community of people who collaborate – so there is no better way to communicate this idea than actually in person.

Talenthouse’s ecosystem is built around the concept of sharing resources, also known as the ‘Shared Economy.’ Talenthouse has tapped into a community of designers and artists who want to exchange assets and ideas. Meanwhile, they have equipped brands to “harness the power of the crowd to develop unique brand solutions.” As Claudia puts it, “The creative community would still exist without the brands”; Talenthouse simply provides a stage for brands and creatives to connect. Claudia has received lots of positive feedback regarding the platform; “People have said that now is the perfect time for Talenthouse.’

With more than 500 brands utilizing the platform in the last 7 years, Talenthouse has grown in strength. With their new presence in Mindspace and the German market in general, there is no doubt we’ll be seeing more creative work from them soon.

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