Something Something Is Really Something

A look into Mindspace’s kick-ass advertising duo, Shira and Didi of something something.

Written by Noga Grinberg

3 years ago

It doesn’t take one long to get sucked into Shira and Didi’s energies. Just a glimpse into their office reveals a clear picture – these two girls are really something (something) else.

Shira and Didi met 6 and a half years ago in an advertising agency, where they worked closely, side by side, as they still do today. By some miracle, they’re still not sick of each other. “We always sat next to each other – we had a good vibe working together,” they say of their time at the agency, which they both chose to leave independently. Yet somehow, life brought them back together.

Shira and Didi, Something Something

At some point, the girls realized that they could take on advertising on their own; Even better – they could do it together. “Didi was freelancing when a great project came along. She suggested we give it a go together. The rest is history,” Shira recalls. “We’ve been working together as an advertising duo since then, and for the last two and a half years under the name ‘Something Something.’”
Despite working side by side, the two girls manage to maintain a relationship outside the office.

“We are first and foremost friends; We’re like sisters, our lives are completely intertwined,” they say. Their secret to a healthy relationship is, according to Shira, being symbiotic. “We are very much alike, and yet very different,” she says.  “Didi is the creative half, she’s the artist, the perfectionist. She also doesn’t mind public speaking.”

Shira on the other hand is  “not an artistic person,” something that she balances out by taking charge of the administrative side. “I’m in charge of organizing everything. And I couldn’t be doing any of this with anyone else.”

Shira and Didi are social media experts. “We promote businesses on social media platforms – especially on Facebook and Instagram,” they say.  “On Facebook, we deal with anything related to advertising – content writing, coming up with cool online activities, campaign management and more.” They take charge of visual content – posting pictures of chefs and dishes in restaurants with which they work with on social media, to promote the brand.


The first thing you’ll notice about this classy duo (other than their energy) is their style – the heels, the dress, the lipstick – all first class and top notch, in accordance with the projects they choose to take on. “We specialize in the lifestyle sector. We like everything that is pretty and eye-catching, and steer clear of projects that don’t interest us.” Lawyers and accountants? Forget about it.  “It has to be something that we can relate to,” the girls say of prospective campaigns.

Vans Israel



Something Something has an impressive list of clients: Vans Israel, Eastpak, Laline, and more. And they do it all themselves – the styling, the shooting, and the creative process is all done in-house. “We think of ourselves as an essential part of our customer’s business,” they say. “We’ve reached a point where customers rely on our input before taking any sort of digital leap.”

When asked about their unique value proposition, the girls answer immediately. “Availability,” they say. “It’s really important in the advertising industry. If a client calls us up and says he has an important guest due at his restaurant the next day, we’ll be there. Without extra charge.”



Laline Israel

Customers love visiting the Something Something offices at Mindspace. More importantly – Shira and Didi love it. When they first set out to create their own advertising venture, the duo settled for their own (big) office. “It was lonely,” Shira says. “I would dress up and come to the office, but there was no one to appreciate it and tell me I look beautiful.”
Now, with their own colorful office at Mindspace’s co-working space, they have a building full of new friends and complimentors. And their customers love it.

Tips for entrepreneurs:

Don’t leave a business before the next one works; Don’t make decisions based on the money you’ll earn; Follow your passion – not money – that’s what gets you up in the morning.

Office: 120, Ahad Ha’am, 1st Floor

Members: Shira Tamary and Didi Jonson

Founded: September 200

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