Get off Your Chair, Keep that Spine Straight and Live Healthy

Mindspace Tel Aviv health specialist talks posture, lifestyle, and healthy habits in your workplace

Written by Lital Bernstein, Restart

3 years ago

Just like you, I too once sat in a cubicle, slaving away in front of a computer in a typical high-tech office. But the work style was draining, taking a toll on my emotional and physical health – stress was accompanied by physical pain to the point that one day, I had had enough, and called it quits.

Since that day, I set out on an entrepreneurial path, and made it my goal to raise awareness for health and stress-relieving methods in the office. I launched ReStart, a company specializing in bringing alternative medicine to the offices of high-tech companies. My objective was simple: improve employee performance by providing them with relaxation measures, allowing their bodies and souls to get a break.

Mindspace is amongst my customers. There, I offer members of the co-working space complimentary shiatsu, acupuncture, and reflexology treatments. Sounds relaxing, right? But it ain’t enough.

via GIPHY. You don’t need a massage to get your blood running

The key to getting through a workday is movement. Below, you can find some exercises that should help train your body to maintain perfect posture throughout the day – and not sit slumped in a chair.

Once an hour, peel yourself away from that chair you’ve been glued to so comfortably, and perform one of the following exercises:

1. Neck Spins – lower your chin and turn your head 10 times to the left. Repeat to the right side.

2. Shoulder Spin – To relieve tension to your upper torso and improve breathing, put your hands on your shoulders and spin them forward.  Inhale as your elbows near each other and exhale as they part.

3. Wrist Spin– To relieve wrist tension due to extensive use of mouse and typing, bring your fingers together to create an ‘imaginary ball.’ Spin to the left, then to the right. Repeat as you walk around the office (to really get your body moving)

Other tips to maintain your well-being in the office throughout the day:

1. Keep hydrated – H20 is key. Fill up a small water bottle and every time you get up to refill it, conduct one of the exercises detailed above.

via GIPHY. Keep hydrated

2. Multitask – use phone calls and casual office conversations as an excuse to get up and move. Conduct talks on the go – and not from your office chair.

3. Remind yourself to keep moving – set an alarm clock or a calendar reminder that will ensure you get up and move on the hour.

For more lifestyle tips, visit my website or Facebook page (just in Hebrew for now).

Until next time…stay healthy!


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