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Over the course of the past few years, Berlin has become a sort of mecca in the European startup community. Anyone who comes up with a smart and innovative idea flocks to the German capital to start a hip, young business. Netlight Consulting is no exception.

Written by Mindspace Team

3 years ago

It was only a matter of time until Netlight, a Swedish-German IT consulting company, decided to pitch a tent in Berlin. The consulting firm had been making strides in the Scandinavia tech market for over 17 years, and expanded to Munich and Hamburg before setting sights on Berlin in 2014.

“With a blossoming startup culture, diversified industry, and high concentration of innovative companies, Berlin has, over the course of the last couple of years, become an exciting location for Netlight,” says Matthias Henrichs, an Engagement Manager at Netlight Berlin. “With locations in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, and Paris we’ve got a strong international orientation, which enables us to produce synergies.”

Matthias Henrichs, Engagement Manager at Netlight Berlin

Nettlight was founded in Stockholm by Lars Olof Elfversson, Anders Herlitz, Jonas Hovmark, Henrik Sidesback, and Anders Larsson with a vision: prepare the telecommunications industry for a digital change. It was one of few Swedish IT-companies to survive the 2003 Internet crash, which propelled its strong growth forward to this day.

Scandinavia, a European hub for innovation, has been long known for its affinity for new technologies and digital business models. Netlight fits right into the mold. As an agile networking organization with over 800 employees, it promotes international knowledge transfer and harbors an open business culture in all that pertains to IT support. The consulting organization supports clients in a range of IT-related activities: from the development of digital products to the technical implementation of innovative IT-projects.

“The Scandinavian market is considered a pioneer and a driver of innovation. And Germany has been benefiting from that in the last couple of years,” says Engagement Manager Robert Kaletsch. “Scandinavians are very open to new trends and technologies, and many international companies use its population as a test-market for new products. For years, Netlight has been working with industry and innovation leaders in the fields of banking & payment, media & streaming, travel & tourism, e-commerce, and more,” acquiring great knowledge and experience that can now be bestowed on Berlin-based companies.

Robert (1)

Robert Kaletsch, Engagement Manager at Netlight Berlin

“Berlin-based firms are open to hear what we have to say, since we’re already well-versed in the challenges they now face, from past projects in Scandinavia,” Kaletsch says.

Netlight opened a Berlin branch in order to follow suit with its local approach to project management. All employees live in the city in which they work. There is no working from home, or away from the office. “All our colleagues work with our customers on-site. They are completely integrated into project teams, in order to maximize internal knowledge and competence,” Henrichs explains. Netlight has a team of 4 at Mindspace Berlin and is scaling fast by bringing in colleagues from other European locations to take part in exciting Berlin-based projects.

Working in a co-working space has its benefits, Kaletsch says. By working at Mindspace, Netlight is able to find new customers, expand its network, and establish a name in the industry. “We meet VC’s and accelerators here who connect us with exciting startups,” he says. “It’s important to meet and talk to people.”


Yet it’s not all fun and play at Mindspace.

The space perfectly balances socializing with working individually in a quiet workspace. “Friday happy hours allow us to meet our peers in a casual atmosphere. And in the morning, we socialize over coffee or breakfast in the kitchen,” Henrichs says.  “But at the same time, we have our own office, where we can close the door and work quietly. This is what sets Mindspace apart from other co-working spaces, where people sit in shared spaces.”


Robert Kaletsch, 27, has been working as an Engagement Manager for Netlight since 2015. Prior to that, he studied film and worked for an advertisement production where he was responsible for acquisition.

Matthias Henrichs, 26, has been working as an Engagement Manager for Netlight since 2015.  He pursued an undergraduate degree in International Business Management in the Netherlands, and obtained a Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship in Sweden.


Office: 786, 7th floor, Friedrichstraße.

Check out Netlight’s website and Social: LinkedInFacebookInstagram and Twitter

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