Search & Listen: Audioburst’s big search engine for audio content vision

Sound bites are making a comeback, and Mindspace-based Audioburst wants you to listen

Written by Micha Brodoff

2 years ago

Audio information is making a comeback. Thanks to podcasts, smart home devices like Amazon’s Echo, and improvements in voice recognition technology, sound bites of information are finding their way back into our lives.

But just as soon as that info enters our ears, it largely disappears. Wouldn’t it be great if all that audio information were curated and searchable, so we could instantly find audio information on our favorite topics?

That’s exactly what Audioburst envisions. “Consumers will soon be able to search for audio clips the same way they search for articles — which was not possible before,” says Assaf Gad, VP of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Audioburst. “We will be launching a search engine very soon that will give users direct access to our audio library.”

How do they create such a library? “Every day, our technology listens to, understands, segments, and indexes millions of minutes of audio information from radio stations and podcasts. This is all done using AI, and each piece of audio content is packaged into a 1-3 minute searchable ‘burst’ that can be retrieved through a host of different interfaces.”

Those interfaces are Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc., for which Audioburst has already built and released a News Feed skill where users simply say the words “News Feed” to get a stream of such ‘bursts’ of audio on their preferred topic. “For example, a user can say ‘News Feed,” and then ask, ‘What’s the latest on the hurricane?’ and they’ll get bursts of realtime news on that,” explains Assaf.

But while a finished product is just around the corner, Audioburst’s ideation process wasn’t always so easy. “When you’re building and working with a product everyday, sometimes you get tunnel vision when you lack an outside perspective,” he explained. That’s one of the reasons why Audioburst came to Mindspace. “Working at Mindspace in a startup ecosystem helped bring in more creativity and innovation to our ways of thinking. This kept us motivated.”

According to Gad moving to Mindspace gave Audioburst the opportunity to meet great people, make relevant introductions, and get invaluable feedback on their solution when they were still in the early phases. “We wanted to find the perfect balance between getting things done while still being able to connect with a high quality community of people. It was important to find a workspace that’s also a community.”

Today, Audioburst has 25 employees in three locations (TLV, New York, and California) and has raised $6.7M in Round A funding.

Now that Audioburst is well into the advanced phases of both their idea and their development as a company, Assaf has a sound bit of advice for those just starting up: “Never give up. Audioburst has a massive vision, but we believe in our mission and with our perseverance we are able to build a great product that is innovating an industry.”

Best of luck to the team at Audioburst!

By the way, you can tap into Audioburst’s content library through their currently available search engine for audio news, which you can find at

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