Down the Road: Mindspace Frankfurt- Dinner Spots in Mindhattan

In our “Down The Road” series, we review places of interest and leisure surrounding Mindspace locations, so you can get the most out of the city.

Written by Maayan Samuni

1 year ago

Welcome to another installment of Mindspace Magazines Down The Road! This time we’ll be checking out a few of the many excellent dinner eateries near Mindspace Frankfurt, in search of the best flavors the area has to offer.

Pizza: Pizzeria Montana

The best tasting and most retro pizza place in town! Ask any local of Bahnhosviertel and they will confirm; this pizza is delicious! When you walk in, you’ll be greeted by a funky neon light and some upbeat, ready to serve employees. This place is usually packed with hungry people, so there may be a bit of a wait, but we promise it’s worth it! What you’ll find there is pizza that has thin, slightly crispy crust with a nice mild sauce and high-quality toppings. The sweet bratwurst and caramelized red onion pizza are a must try. The best thing is, for those who are lactose intolerant they also have a cheeseless pizza!

Weserstraße 14

Indian Cuisine: eatDoori

It’s time to turn up the heat! If you love spicy, then this is the perfect place for you. Going to eatDOORI is like a short visit to India; it captures the essence of walking through the bustling streets, filled with the scent of spices and curry. The crowd here is diverse and everyone comes here to experience some traditional Indian hospitality and incredible dishes. All meals are prepared for you in their open show kitchen, which makes the cooking experience more transparent. The menu contains dishes such as traditional street food, seasonal salads, classic curry dishes, and divine desserts. Don’t worry, their menu also has plenty of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Their bar & lounge is also a great place to try some fun, tasty drinks, with a selection of homemade unique lemonades and lassis. In terms of alcohol, they’ve got you covered with classic aperitifs, long drinks, and an assortment of special twisted Indian drinks. These beverages are the perfect way to balance out the spicy heat of the dishes.

Kaiserstraße 55

Burger Bar: Fletchers Better Burger (Bahnhosfviertel)

This is by far the best burger bar in town! This place has a touch of the American diner feel, fused with the urban interior design that captures the cool Frankfurt vibe. The burgers, buns, and fries are always made with fresh ingredients. You can taste that the burgers are made with love and care. Oftentimes you’ll see customers close their eyes out of sheer enjoyment as they take a big bite. The menu includes a variety of classic style burgers and they even have veggie falafel burgers for the vegetarians out there. There are seven locations throughout Frankfurt and each one has a different kind of funky, young, fresh, urban vibe. Definitely a great place to grab a bite!

Berger Straße 116

Italian Steakhouse: Vai Vai

Molto delizioso! This Italian restaurant contains a bar, lounge, and dining area. Whether you come here for a company event or a private party, it is sure to be an unforgettable evening. The atmosphere is sophisticated and relaxed, and usually filled with Frankfurt’s young professional crowd. The modern Italian menu has a great respect for meat lovers and many options for vegetarians as well. It has antipasti, pasta, and incredible options from the grill. Locals and regular customers say the mouthwatering Bistecca alla Fiorentina is a must try. This place will definitely not disappoint!

Grüneburgweg 16

Middle Easter: Chez Ima

This is just one of the restaurants owned by the fantastic IMAWORLD, and it’s one of the best places in the city. It is currently based in the 25 Hours boutique hotel in Bahnhofsviertel. The menu is diverse with a middle eastern flare, and many dishes are vegetarian-friendly. They have deliciously creamy hummus, crunchy falafel, and well as mouth-watering steak and lamb. The atmosphere is cool, relaxed and unpretentious.

Niddastraße 58

Happy Munching Mindspacers! 


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