What Really is Man’s World?

Man's World - Market place and playground for both men and women

Written by Lena Bücker

2 years ago

Both men and women around the world desire to be a part of a thriving community. They are looking for more ways to be at the center of their cultural scenes, to experience the best hot spots in town, and to network with one another. Daniel Rasumowsky, creator of Man’s World and one of our Mindspace Hamburg members, has a solution. We interviewed him to find out more about his platform and here is what we’ve learned.

Made for those who are skilled, smart, and adventurous.

What is MAN’s WORLD?

Man’s World is a platform which combines market place, playground, and networking all in one. It’s a place for quality, inspiration, and fun. It contains an interesting target group made up of about 70% men with an above average education and buying power, and 30-40% women with hand curated brands. Many of these companies are local or regional smaller companies who often do not have the chance to afford large marketing spends or prime downtown locations.

Can you be so kind to tell us a little bit about yourself and how your journey led to Man’s World?

I co-founded an advertising and event agency in Zurich after law school and took a short detour into management consulting. While I was confronted with brands, marketing, and advertising every day, I observed the growing interest of men (and women) for quality products and services, along with cool things, and a cool lifestyle in general. This, combined with the lack of offers in traditional shopping areas for men and the lack of cool events rather than traditional trade shows, is how the idea of Man’s World was born.

How did you find your team and what do you think is most important when building up a team?

Our team is composed of passionate people that we acquired entirely through our personal networks. Building up a strong team with the power and skills desired and still getting along with each other might be one of the most crucial challenges faced by start-up companies. We do not even evaluate people further if we don’t click on a personal level. Then we try to gather people who take responsibility, and are willing to learn from each other and help each other out. By currently being a team of 10 employees based in Zurich and Hamburg, we are able to enable 10 individual career paths. Offering career development perspectives and making work fun for each team member are two of the most crucial criteria in my opinion.

How do you think did the, let’s say more conservative, gender roles change in the past decade and how is it reflected in your events?

I feel like I only see dads with kids here in Hamburg in the morning, which is great. And yet I think that does not conflict with our idea that men should embrace their inner kid, or our belief that men and women are different in many ways, just like one man is different from any other man. Man’s World is partly responding to many men’s desire to find a platform where it’s okay to be men or kids. However, Man’s World is not telling any man or woman how to look, what to wear, what to own or what is manly. In Man’s World’s opinion, the manliest attributes or values are tolerance, respect, passion and dreams and a good amount of humor.

 What are you looking for in Hamburg for Man’s World?

We seek to present brands and companies that are owned or run by passionate people, ideally from Hamburg or Germany, to open-minded visitors of various backgrounds, and create both a great experience for them and an invaluable platform for Hamburg.

If you could wish for three things until November what would that be?

  • A break or vacation
  • Spending as many days in Hamburg as possible
  • An article in Hamburger Abendblatt with a controversial discourse on the launch of Man’s World in Hamburg

What do you miss in Hamburg from Zürich and vice versa?

In Hamburg, I miss the possibility to take a swim in clean alpine water. In Zurich, I miss all that Hamburg has to offer, and, in fact, the list is too long. Most importantly though, it’s the people, their spirit, their openness, and their senses of humor.

Are more locations planned?

Yes, as long as we can work in Hamburg. We are planning Milan for 2018 and 1-2 additional cities in Germany until 2020.

What or who inspires you?

People with guts, or to describe it in a manlier way, with balls. People with awareness for sustainability of business, of relationships, and of our environment. People with a heart and social intelligence. People with a vision, a dream, or passion.

If you’re interested in learning more about Man’s World, check out their Facebook page or their Youtube page.


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