How Getting Fired is the Best Thing That Could Happen to You

Nussin Armbrust is an inspiring woman: entrepreneur, journalist, networker, mother and a Mindspacer. She grew up in Celle, a small town in the North of Germany and later fell in love with Hamburg. Nussin decided to make her dream come true and publish her own city magazine called Elbblick. #Meet the Mindspacers

Written by Lena Bücker

4 years ago

This story actually begins with a sad moment in Nussin’s life – she got fired from her job as a chief editor. After her dismissal, she applied for several jobs. After a few job interviews she realized something dosen’t feel right and decided to go out on an adventure. The rest is history.

Nussin decided to make her dream come true and publish her own city magazine called Elbblick. “Literally translated Elbblick means the view from our river Elbe, which is a symbol for our city. I want to share stories about the people from the most beautiful city in the world: Hamburg” Nussin says smiling.

When you flip her magazine open you immediately feel her enthusiasm about art, music and the diversity of people that Hamburg has to offer. One day after her big launching event at Mindspace Hamburg Nussin met with us and was so kind to answer some questions.

[Meet the Mindspacers is a series of short introductions in which we ask them about their accomplishments and mistakes, and they share their experience.]


Nussin, could you tell us a little bit about your motivation to start Elbblick?

After getting fired, Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I wanted to switch my negative emotions into something good. I am a true believer in the saying that if one door closes, another will open. So I applied for several 9 to 5 jobs but it didn’t feel right. I realized that I was ready to get out of my comfort zone. When I started telling my friends about these thoughts, I experienced amazing support from them. They believe that I have the power, the energy, the network and the ideas to do my own project. And so, within 3 months, I got a little team together and just started working on my own magazine. There were no question marks in my head anymore. It finally felt right.

In times where people are used to smartphones it seems like a brave move to start a free print magazine. Well, it is (laughs).



Nussin Armbrust at Mindspace Hamburg


You are a very connected woman in Hamburg. Do you see a trend towards more entrepreneurial spirit in our beautiful city?

Use the knowledge of the past and develop something completely new – that is the trend in Hamburg I guess. For sure the entrepreneurial spirit is growing. There are so many founders and ideas coming from Hamburg. Big companies started here as a small Start-up. There is a great pool of talented people with great ideas. A place like Mindspace brings all those people together and I am more than happy to to see the Mindspace concept establishing itself in Hamburg – It was already overdue.


What inspired you about Mindspace?

I was looking for a place that connects creativity with a good working environment. When I saw the traditional building with the amazing interior inside I knew that this is a fit. To work in a place which inspires you and that fosters collaboration is the best working place you could wish for – and that is what I see in Mindspace.




In your opening speech you also said Elbblick is about the real people from Hamburg. What do you mean by that?

Everybody has a story. You look at someone and you judge him by clothes, gestures or the moment within a small talk. But if you carefully take a closer look, you might find an inspiring story, something that has to be told. In the “common” magazines or papers the story might not be of much interest, as the person may not be a celebrity or does not fit in the content. Since I am responsible for all stories published in my magazine I can decide without asking the CEO or 10 persons in an editorial team. I have the chance to give these people a platform to tell their stories. And I want to show emotions or help other people with these stories to get through hard times, to encourage them and to show people who have done something special which cannot be seen at first sight.






Your campaign states that “Print is not dead” or “Fun without Smartphone”. Could you elaborate a little bit about that?

Take a ride with the tube, go to the park, go to a playground and look at the people around you. They stare at their smartphones. They do not see other people around. They do not look you in the eyes or smile. Isn’t this sad and also frightening? I just want to say: hey, there is a world outside the smartphone. Take a paper, feel the paper, read and look around! Go and let your mind work, relax your eyes and use a good old paper. Of course my slogans are a little bit provocative, but I am convinced that “Print is not dead”. It has a value.




You had a big launching event with a photo exhibition from Hans Ripa, a soul concert from Louise Golbey from London and 170 visitors at the Mindspace event space. It seems like you truly believe in collaboration and bringing different people together.

Of course, networking is – besides my magazine –  my main aim. I love the fact that people are getting inspired by talking to each other, to take the good vibe out of an event, meeting someone in real life and not in a social community. My events should bring all these people together who are for example friends on Facebook, but never met. The spirit and interests of my readers, of music lovers or art fans are the same. We like quality, nice talks and a special kind of style in our life. So why not bring them all together at one event? And more are planned – hopefully in an inspiring place like Mindspace.



photography: Claudia Tejada