Mindspace Hands Londoners a Key to the Startup Nation

A direct connection between London and Tel Aviv has the potential to spark some very interesting initiatives

Written by Ian R.

2 years ago

With its growing list of startup success stories, Israel, also known as the Startup Nation, has positioned itself as a thriving tech business hub. As more companies from the region look to the UK market for expansion, a direct connection between London and Tel Aviv has the potential to spark some very interesting initiatives. Doing its part to build the bridge between London and the startup nation is Mindspace, a boutique coworking network founded in Tel Aviv. Mindspace is home to a growing number of SMBs and enterprises spread over 6 European cities, with two upcoming locations in London.

Going Global

Mindspace gives its members free access to all its locations, regardless of where their home base is. This means that members usually working in Tel Aviv can travel to London, and unannounced, walk into an exquisite office in Whitechapel, getting right to work.

Of course, the opposite is true as well. Londoners can visit the startup nation, and enjoy access to Mindspace locations in 2 Israeli cities. You don’t just get a table to plop your laptop down onto. Hold meetings, brainstorming sessions or coding marathons in any of the fully-equipped multimedia meeting rooms. Of course, you can just make use of the excellent coffee machines and hang out in one of the funky lounge areas until inspiration hits.

Networking Made Natural

At the heart of what makes Mindspace stand out is its networking activity. The atmosphere is a natural catalyst for informal interaction between professionals. Collaboration is encouraged and the company attracts forward-thinking entrepreneurial minds from a variety of sectors.

In addition, Mindspace holds events that range from guest lectures by industry front runners to interactive hands-on workshops. Every month, a calendar is published by each location offering members the chance to hone their skills, and stay informed about current trends in the tech innovation ecosystem.

Benefits like the ones mentioned above, along with impeccable interior design and attention to detail, make Mindspace a unique office solution. The approach seems to be working. The company is growing from strength to strength, drawing innovators from a variety of industries who are seeking to form new partnerships and make their visions a reality.



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