Mindspace Berlin: A roundup

A closer look into some of the startups that make up our one-of-a-kind community

Written by Coral Braun

3 years ago

Let us take a moment to hone in on coworking: it is often easy to get lost in the idea of the whole to the point that we forget to shed light on the individual; We focus so much on the power of collaboration and community when drawing on the benefits of this work-trend on the rise. Yet it is just as important to draw attention to the individual – to the many freelancers, startups, and service-providers who, despite having very different business goals, all choose to come together under one roof and call Mindspace their second home.


Here’s a closer look at some of the startups that make our Berlin-based community so unique and one-of-a-kind:
Digital Knights (DK) matches startups and businesses with high-quality tech teams across Europe that possess the skills necessary to build a great digital product. “Entrepreneurs often have a great idea,” explains founder Prags Muguntham – but a bottleneck lies in the tech side. While a large supply of tech sources is available, weeding out through the options to find the right, most capable team to create your high-quality product is difficult. So DK does that matching instead. While the DK team is no longer Mindspace based, they’re still going strong and will forever be remembered in our Magazine.


Some companies choose Mindspace when looking to tread the waters of a new market or be in close proximity to local clients. Netlight, a Swedish-German IT consulting company, wanted to follow suit with its local approach to project management and pitched a tent in Mindspace Berlin to do so. The consulting firm supports clients in IT-related activities and believes that maximizing internal knowledge is integral to project success. They stand by the fact that “it’s important to meet people,” and love connecting with Mindspace-based startups. Read more here.


Ever experience bad customer service? Well, Freshdesk hopes to put an end to that. The company developed software that facilitates the process of customer service and eases the process of responding to requests. They’re also trying to improve internal communication in large corporations and ease the flow of information between management levels. “We’re not a startup, we’re a scale-up,” says founder Girish Mathrubootham. They’re growing fast, and they want to break the pan-European market.


And if you’re ever feeling down, think of this: We’ve got eight dogs visiting our Berlin office on a regular basis, at least 50 members having their day brightened up each day with a specially delivered parcel, and a very active kitchen. We work around the clock, but that’s ok – because we balance it out with just the right amount of coffee – and are proud Mindspace members to the point that we ask about company merchandise. Fun facts, right? What if we told you there’s more