Listen & Learn – The Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs Right Now

From inspiration to practical insight, podcasts are a wealth of information that can be tapped into anytime, any place.

Written by Ian R.

2 years ago

Podcasts are a great way to put your headphones to use. When a lot of our learning can become very technical and task-oriented, it’s helpful to be exposed to a broader discussion about technology.

Podcasts resemble the old radio format in that they give you a sense of community – there are people behind the production – and it’s great to hear real people sharing their views and knowledge on topics you care about.

In the startup and business tech world, content is often focused on reporting what’s new, but we also need to take time to absorb these changes. Discussion helps us process the information and form our own opinions and thoughts about advancements in technology, and how we can use them.

There are of course a lot of podcasts out there, but here’s a list that attempts to cover a handful of the best podcasts for business and technology heads right now…

Entrepreneur On Fire

If you want to get pumped to take on another challenging day, EOF is a great place to start. Hosted by John Lee Dumas (JLD, as he likes to call himself), EOF uploads a new interview with an inspiring entrepreneur every single day. The site is very easy to navigate and the interviews are transcribed with time stamps that let you jump to specific topics. The site also includes a list of resources mentioned in the interview so any services or websites that were discussed in the show will appear as links on the page.

Bulletproof Radio

To perform at work at optimal levels, day after day, requires a certain level of personal maintenance. When you avoid taking care of yourself, you risk burning out. The Bulletproof podcast brings together some very unique minds who are changing the way we view ourselves at work and beyond. With popular tags like “biohacking” and “cognitive performance”, Bulletproof is at the forefront of discovering the holistic approach to being on top of your game.


A bit beyond the casual podcast setup, Mixergy is an information hub for informal business knowledge. With over 1,500 entrepreneurs being represented by the service, you get to hear how founders of some of the most successful startups succeeded in building their companies up, and keeping them there. To get a taste, by clicking the big download button on the homepage, 9 of Mixergy’s most popular interviews will be sent directly to your inbox.

Start From Nothing

The name says it all. Start From Nothing is a great source of useful information and inspiration for budding entrepreneurs who are looking to set down those all-important cornerstones. This podcast focuses on practical tips for taking your dreams and ideas to the real world, and getting them to earn.

Startup Camel

Having one of the world’s most active and innovative startup environments, Israel is an inspiring scene to keep an eye on and the Startup Camel podcast will help you do just that. Broadcasting from their headquarters right here in Mindspace Tel Aviv, Startup Camel holds weekly shows that include interviews with local founders. While listening to success stories is always a positive thing, the show also tackles practical challenges that startup founders face on a regular basis such as raising capital, finding the right people to work with, and creating successful marketing strategies.

I Love Marketing

When you’re working to bring something new into the world, the creative process can be exhilarating and all-consuming. The problem is that to move forward, every business has to tackle the marketing hurdle. Dealing with marketing can often feel like a technical chore that you just want to get out of the way, but it’s a critical factor in the lifecycle of any business. The I Love Marketing podcast puts some spice into marketing and brings back the idea that marketing should be just as creative and exhilarating as development.

The Art of Charm

While being a leader and innovator in the tech world commands a high level of discipline, focus and knowledge, you’d be surprised at how much a bit of charisma and character can help you reach your goals. It’s important to stay connected to who you are, and what really motivates you on a personal level. The Art of Charm podcast might seem at first like a “How to Win Friends and Influence People”-type cheat sheet, but there’s a lot of great information here that can broaden your perspective on networking and interpersonal relationships as a whole.


This excellent source of podcasts might not have the flashiest name, but it makes up for it with a superb quality of content that can really give you some insight. There’s a huge range of topics covered here and the participants involved are some of the world’s current leaders in technology and business. This is a no-nonsense wealth of info that will let you dig deep into issues and ideas that are shaping the future.


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