How do I find my investors?

When should I raise money? At what valuation? How do I give the perfect pitch? How do I start writing my investors presentation? While all these questions are crucial, there is a major question that needs to be asked: how do I find investors?

Written by Noga Grinberg

3 years ago

When you’re ready to start looking for investors, one of the most challenging parts can be finding and connecting them.

As an ambitious entrepreneur, positive and confident of your product, but with no experience or connections, it can sometimes be difficult to start looking for investors. To get it right, you will need to track the people who could potentially be interested in your company.

We’ve asked three of Mindspace’s very own startups what was their launch post from which they started their journey. Here are three strategies they found useful in getting meetings with the right people:


Strategy: Networking
Seegnature is a revolutionary remote deal closure platform allowing companies to verify clients’ identity and collect their signatures on documents in real time while video recording the whole session.”We began by participating in multiple relevant conferences during which we actively approached angel investors and VC’s and told them about what we’re doing”, says co-founder and CEO Yair Ravid. In many cases, says Ravid, it led them to further intro’s made by those people to other investors who were interested in this opportunity.
“Another effective way was through the network of UpWest Labs accelerator”, he says.
“Not long after the company was founded, we participated in the prestigious four-months program of UpWest Labs Accelerator in Palo Alto”, Yair further mentioned. “The accelerator has a wide network of potential clients and investors, opening up a lot of doors for us and eventually leading to the investment round made in the Company.”

To close your transactions remotely:



Strategy: Scouting for expert investors

Covercy is an innovative company in the foreign exchange and remittance industry that allows you to send money abroad more efficiently by reducing the bank exchange and remittance costs. Covercy provides a secure and fast way to send money abroad, with complete transparency from day one.

“In Covercy, we concluded that strategic investors, who can on one hand fund us and on the other, more importantly, promote our business, are those we are after.” Tells us CMO Boaz Zaionce. “Early on we were looking for a UK investor with experience in the financial sector. Our law firm connected us with Mr. Errol Rudnick, who became our first investor, our UK director and heads the operation with the UK financial regulator”, says Boaz.

“Later on, we were looking for an investor with a Fin-Tech background and strong US connections. At ‘The Pitch’ conference, organized by Ernst & Young we met with Mr. Dovi Frances from SGVC venture capital firm and sealed the deal 48 hours later.”

For a secure and fast way to send money abroad:

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Strategy: Chase your dream, the money will follow
xMinutes is an app based on understanding the interests and using habits of every individual user. It is a news platform that will offer short headlines on the world affairs while getting up in the morning, audio content while in the shower, a suitable podcast on the way to work, short news updates during working hours and a detailed background story via video while sitting on the couch at late eve.
“We started our company without external investments and bootstrapped, and worked on projects for customers from the media world”. Say one of the founders Marco Maas. “For the last 2 years we developed our current idea as a side project and got some funding from the European Union”.  After receiving this amount of money from the EU, they applied with the prototype for the Google Digital News Initiative Funds. “We got funding for the next 2 years”, says Maas. “Right now we are still a bootstrapped company, but if some of the readers are interested in investing into a possibly game-changing media-platform – let us know”.
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