Healthy living enters the co-working sphere

The program that is changing the way health and work come together

Written by Lena Bücker

3 years ago

It’s common to feel stressed, fatigued, and unhappy when you’re overworked. Mindspace Hamburg member, Laura Van de Vorst, founded healthcoachFX to help overworked go-getters become their happiest and healthiest selves. She uses her platform to provide a helping hand – for everything from losing weight and relieving stress to overcoming a negative self-image. We interviewed Laura to discover more about her healthy-living program and online coaching, and here’s what we’ve learned.


What is healthcoachFX?

HealthcoachFX integrates the latest nutrition science with modern-day convenience.

We design personalized nutrition programs that balance your hormones, boost your health, and help you burn fat through body typing, stress-relief, smart exercise, and carb cycling and anti-inflammatory nutrition.

We currently have a 100% success rate. We track everyone who goes through our 28-days program and measure their results. Symptoms such as bloat, PMS and low energy (and 15 other tracked symptoms) are reduced if not eliminated and clients lose up to 30% of their body fat.


The story of healthcoachFX is quite personal and you inspire your followers with it every day! Could you share it with us?

In my mid-twenties, I discovered that my autoimmune disease, adrenal burnout, and PMS pains were rooted in several hormonal imbalances. What had started with sky-high stress hormone, quickly evolved into insulin resistance, estrogen dominance, and hypothyroidism.

“Hormonal imbalances aren’t caused by mere genetic profile, but triggered by environmental factors, such as food and a stressful lifestyle.”

This eye-opening experience evolved into a mission to help busy go-getters naturally balance their hormones with personalized health programs to heal their metabolism, reach optimal health, lose weight and feel sexy again.

Together with my family and experts in nutritional medicine, hormonal health, personal training and psychology, I founded healthcoachFX in 2014. The Personal Body Reset bundles all our success elements, from body and mind exercises to actionable steps and meal plans that dramatically change the health, energy level, and life quality of our clients.


Do your followers also share their personal stories with you?

Yes, they do, and it’s honestly why at healthcoachFX we do what we do. When someone tells you that your program has changed their life, that they feel like themselves again for the first time in a decade, or that they have more energy, happiness, and less pain, you’ll damn sure keep going.

Laura Van der Vorst, founder of healthcoachFX

You say that stress is one of the worst things that you can do to your body – why?

Your body is a factory of biochemical processes and it only knows one way to respond to stress − your body doesn’t differentiate between a lion or a demanding job.

Imagine you’re having a few particularly stressful months at work. During that entire time, your body will respond as if it’s running from that lion: resulting in high or irregular cortisol production (stress hormone) and leaving no energy for cell repair and reproduction.

Here’s what happens next:

  1. It’s physically impossible to burn body fat when you are stressed because oxygen cannot reach the cells for combustion.
  2. Stress keeps you in sugar-burning mode leaving you addicted to sugar.
  3. When your sugar cravings shoot through the roof, your fat-storing hormone insulin will have to increase too, resulting in fat stored as love handles, around the organs (apple shape) and over time, insulin resistance.
  4. Over time, stress harms your thyroid and slows down your metabolism.
  5. The stress hormone cortisol feeds bad bacteria in the gut, causing bloat and digestive problems.
  6. Longtime stress depletes your happy-hormone progesterone, often resulting in an estrogen dominance where fat accumulates on the hips and thighs (pear form) as well as your upper arms, and you’ll experience uncomfortable cyclical pains.
  7. Most hormonal imbalances (including the lifestyle diseases that follow them) are rooted in long-term stress.
  8. Hormones dictate what your body does with food. If you want to balance your hormones, boost health and lose weight, you must address stress first!


How do healthcoachFX clients balance their stress hormone?

For most people, stress is related to their jobs — and they feel desperate because they don’t have too much of an impact on the pace of their demanding work environment. But don’t despair! What most people don’t realize is that stress accumulates.

Other than just work, the stress response is also triggered by our modern environment with wrong types of foods, exposure to chemicals and toxins, wrong types of exercise, lack of sleep, blue screens, electro-stress, relationship stress, as well as emotional stress from feeling lost, unorganized or overwhelmed by life.

If you know how to tackle your food & lifestyle stressors, work-stress becomes more manageable!

You landed in Mindspace because your boyfriend, who also works at Mindspace (see an article about what he does here) thought that you should exchange your home office for a while and surprised you with a seat for the first month. Was he right?

I love Mindspace! Joining this awesome community was the best decision. I’ve already met so many inspiring, kind, and insightful people and we help, support and motivate each other.

I really believe that people thrive in tribes. The path of entrepreneurship can be lonely, especially if you’re in a virtual company. You need to be persistent, not give up, and have a giant dose of optimism. It’s great to share challenges and hardships with like-minded people or with people who get what you’re going through. That sense of belonging is essential.


What are for you the advantages and disadvantages of having your own business?

I think the amount of freedom you can have as an entrepreneur is fantastic. Same counts for the giant dose of creativity that comes with doing your own thing.

On the other end of the spectrum are the insecurities, the failures, and working insane hours on something you don’t know will be successful or not.

Not long ago, I read an interesting article about how the question we should ask ourselves shouldn’t be ‘What do I want in life?’ But, what pain do I want in my life? What am I willing to struggle for?

If you want to become financially independent or start your own business, but you can’t deal with the risk, uncertainty, and failures, you won’t be a successful entrepreneur.

“There’s no elevator to success, you’ve got to take the stairs.”

What advice would you give yourself now before you started healthcoachFX?

Don’t over-analyze, stop worrying about what other people think, and don’t be intimidated too easily. There’s a lot of bubbling ego in the startup world. Your mission matters.

Also, the happiest highs are going to be followed by unforeseen setbacks. You can either throw yourself a pity-party, or accept that whenever you make two steps ahead, the tech and biz gods will slap you in the face and force you to take one step back again. By greeting all those *WTF* moments with a grin, you’ll make it a whole lot easier for yourself and those around you. No matter how frustrating, laugh at the situation (preferably with your team or friends), and don’t take yourself too seriously.

The next years will be the most insightful so far. You’ll need to give your everything, be persistent, and not give up. Good things take time and dedication. Know that if it were easy, everyone would do it. Don’t give up; you are stronger than you think.


To learn more about healthcoachFX, make sure to visit some of these social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogazine.

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