Happy New Year!! It’s Time for Resolutions!

Maayan Samuni

1 January, 2020

We’ll leave the ones related to working out, food, health, drinks, love, mindfulness, and relationships to you. We’re going to focus on New Year’s resolutions for work. Because, hey, it’s only the place where we spend most of our waking hours of the day….

So, here goes … This year, our resolutions for work are:

  1. Be happy
    What?? Yes. Not fake happy. Not even zen happy. We’re going for smile and say something nice to somebody in the elevator happy. Like, gorgeous day. Or nice sneakers. Because have you ever noticed how someone smiles back when you do that? And how you walk away just a little bit lighter? We’re going to do it. More often.
  2. Bring lunch
    Maybe not every day. Maybe not even once a week. But at least once a month, we’re going to bring our own lunch. Homemade. Salad, rice, fish, or pasta — it doesn’t matter. We’re going to make it and bring it. Because every once in while we can stop running around like a crazy person and take the time to prepare ourselves a healthy meal that we know we’re going to like. Done and done.
  3. Stop checking that site
    We all have it. That one page we check throughout the day — whether it’s the New York Times, LinkedIn, the weather, ESPN, or Etsy. Whatever. It’s pure mindsuck. And there’s really no need to check it 5 or 10 times a day. Really. We just need to stop doing that.
  4. Have an idea
    We’re going to think of something and we’re going to pitch it. Not something we have to do, not anything connected to one of our existing assignments, and not something our manager expects us to do anyhow. We’re going to come up with something new that we want to do and we’re going to it. “Oh, I have an idea I wanted to talk to you about…”
    Just like that.

That’s it. We could go on about riding our bike to work more or asking for a raise — not bad ideas at all, but we’re going to stick with these for now. And we’re going to do them. 2020, we own you!

Happy New Year All

About the author

Maayan is a New Yorker, turned Tel Avivian social media expert with a passion for content creation and storytelling. Maayan creates and manages social media strategies and campaigns for B2B businesses across various social platforms.

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